Hilary Duff Enchants, Shows Her Polish

Rachael Recker of The Grand Rapids Press attended the concert at the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Wednesday night (July 20). Recker writes, “Duff’s performance was enjoyable, and she gave her fans what they wanted: a lot of hit singles in a row. Hopefully parents got a little peace and quiet this morning when their children came down for breakfast and realized they’d blown out their voices. From the looks on their young faces Wednesday night, though, most would probably say — if they could — that it was worth it.”

The review at mlive.com has since been removed.

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One thought on “Hilary Duff Enchants, Shows Her Polish

  1. ihatehilary says:

    *comments just cuz it’s a Hilary story*

    *comments again cuz it was a Hilary story with no comments and that’s just not right*

    ALL 5 of the Hilary stories had the same amount of reads and comments. ZERO! but I fixed that. so don’t worry. and I chose this one to do it to cuz I had nothing to say to this one really

    ^ what a stuck up b.itch. not even waving to her stupid little fans! she was probably too busy spoiling her rat-dog, or ordering Joel around, or popping prescription pills from her medicine bag on her bus, or listening to good music by bands the top 40 pop twit never even heard of.. well, I hope they learned their lessons and don’t spend their next allowance on her new cd now. I got a second wind and thought of something to say. just for you all.

    p.s. cat-dog used to be an awesome cartoon.

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