Hilary Duff Gives A Shout Out To Aaron Carter

Contributed anonymously:

Hilary Duff was on ‘ET on MTV’ over the weekend where she said that she doesn’t have a “Prince Charming” because she and Aaron Carter just broke up. She also said, “Hey Aaron, I hoping you’re doing awesome! I hope you’re having fun in Halifax Nova Scotia rehearsing – he’s working really hard because he’s starting his new tour!”

Aaron Carter Wants To Duet With Christina Aguilera

July 24, 2003 – This morning on Good Day Live, Jillian asked Aaron Carter which female singer he would like to duet with, he clearly and immediately said Christina. He went on and said, “She’s my baby!” He later on said excitedly, “She winked at me!” According to Carter she once winked at him at an award show. It’s one of his life’s highlights. “I have a big crush on her, maybe you guys can hook me up,” he told Jillian, Dorothy, and Steve.

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