Hilary Duff Has Her Wisdom Teeth Removed

posted the following message to her fans on her blog at AOL’s KOL service on Thursday (February 23): “I had a very interesting week. I had to get all four of my wisdom teeth pulled out at the same time! I was so scared because I thought it was going to be very painful. I ate right before I went in and then my dentist joked about people eating too much before procedures. When I woke up, I thought I barfed all over the dentist’s shoes for some reason. I kept asking mom if I did throw up and she kept saying I didn’t. I thought I at least spit water on his shoes. The medication I was prescribed made me feel better, but after it wore off, I was hurting. I am still in some pain. Now that it’s all over, I’m happy to have them out because they were pushing my other teeth together and that hurt! I am off to rest.”

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