Hilary Duff Hates The Paparazzi

recently informed Teen Vogue magazine that people follow her around everywhere. “They follow you! I’ve had nine cars on me for six hours, no joke,” Duff explained. “I rolled down my window once to ask them to stop, and they were like, ‘We need more pictures. If you go to Coffee Bean, we’ll leave you alone.’ I hate them. It’s sick when the tabloids are criticizing people for what they wear, saying they’re not skinny enough. Everyone feels so much pressure to look a certain way. Joel and I hung out in Toronto, and then all of a sudden I read that we were making out everywhere, heavy canoodling. It’s hard, because it ruins the friendship. This thing with Lindsay- if two girls were fighting in high school, people would forget about it by lunch. But because everybody knows us, it’s news.”

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