Hilary Duff In Indianpolis

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is is Indianapolis today, 17, to promote he new CD with a local radio station “Radio Now 931.” She and her crew are staying at the Canaberry for the night and thy are leaving tomorrow morning sometime. She is doing a free meet and greet/concert on the circle so go and see her!

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6 thoughts on “Hilary Duff In Indianpolis

  1. mel_melanie says:

    Have you ever sang a note!

  2. shadybaby says:

    shut the hell up mel I would like to hear you sing!

  3. mslin says:

    Hil lip syncs………. she should really re-think her career….. If you really can’t sing, and you have to fake it, you should be a SINGer. She’s gonna be just like Britney whens he grows up.

  4. shadybaby says:

    oh yeah and your the next American Idol!

  5. spearBritney says:


  6. syn46 says:

    No one ever said that they could sing, but the people who are saying that she cannot sing, which I support, aren’t trying to make a profession on something they can’t do, unlike Hilary.

    although this young “pop-singer” is quite frankly pretty hot, she is absolutely fake, along with all of these other Disney posers. I’m sure she can sing, but no wheres as good as they make her digitized voice that you hear on the radio, on tv, and at her concerts. I am not saying that I can sing better than her or anything of the kind, but I am not attempting to make a living off of fake singing, or modified voices.

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