Hilary Duff Lashes Out At Aaron Carter After Sex Claim

phoned into KISS 103.7 FM in Milwaukee the other day, where they played a clip of in a prior interview claiming to have had sex with the teen queen. Duff said “I can’t believe he would ever say anything like that” and “that kind of lying runs in their family.” They suggested that Aaron is making up the stories because his career is on the downturn. They also talked about the rivalry with , co-hosting ‘The View’, and another touchy moment when they asked about her Good Charlotte boyfriend Joel Madden. Audio has since been removed.

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10 thoughts on “Hilary Duff Lashes Out At Aaron Carter After Sex Claim

  1. EdwardAlex says:

    yeah I don’t see her much of a hooker like that… I cant stand the carters

  2. Smile says:

    LMAO. Um, when they first broke up all Hilary talked about was Aaron. She needs to stop acting like she never did. And other than Aaron’s mom, the Carters aren’t known for lying. That was a stupid comeback. I haven’t downloaded this interview but people are saying it doesn’t sound like Aaron. They think it’s a fake. Who knows. I believe Hilary isn’t so innocent but I hope Aaron didn’t say this. If this is all true, that was very rude of him. Aaron went through a short phase where he wasn’t in a good frame of mind. Since he visited Nick he seems to have gone back to his normal self. I think Aaron just needed his big brother for advice. He had been touring non-stop and other than his dad he hadn’t seen his family.

  3. astrange1 says:

    LMAO!! It’s probably difficult enough to admit you dated Aaron Carter much less slepy with him. You are right though, it was a lame comeback. A more believable one would have been something on the lines of “I wanted to but he is SOOOOO GAY!!” She does seem to go for the twinky twins.

    Now you know why he liked Hilary more than Lindsay…’, ‘He didn’t want to hook up with someone whose family was even more f*cked up than his own.

  4. Starlet01 says:

    I think this could be true on Aaron’s part because of that 20/20 interview he did a while back. He was down right nasty towards his own mother. Yes, his mom has made some terrible mistakes but, from the sounds of it, most of the things she did for him was out of love. You would think that a 17 – 18 year old would have some sense of class. It would of been nice if he was the better man & said that his mom had made mistakes. And that their troubled relationship was between them & not the media.

  5. jazzprofounder says:

    an act of love? how?’, ‘What exactly is so loving about a mother trying to take her son’s money? What’s so loving about a mother that would rather be her son’s manager than a mother? And what’s so loving about a mother who would sacrifice the relationship with her son for money and business? The mother too also talked nasty about her own son, so Aaron is not the only bad guy here. Aaron has every right to be angry at his mother, he knows more about what his mother did than you or me. His mother should have been the one to admit her mistakes, not him admitting that she made mistakes. From the looks of it the mother did far more worse things than simply talking nasty towards her son, she pretty much ruined a relationship that is far more important than money. I just don’t understand how trying to take the money of your 17-18 year old son, and preferring to be his manager more than just being his mom, is an act of love.

  6. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    um, ok…. the only liar in that family is Jane…the rest of them are pretty honest, no matter how bad the truth is…

  7. Evilkitty says:

    I Don’t think they had sex, Disney must have welded a chastity belt on her. But then again if this is true and I was her I wouldn’t admit I lost my virginity to Aaron Carter either. I’d be to embarrassed.

  8. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    um, HE never said that…WE did…and it WAS good…another educated opinion….’, ‘He said that he hoped that his fans thought it was good and that he just wanted to follow HIS heart and do what HE wanted!!!!!! Again…why do you keep tryin’ to piss people off? I mean, you really ARE no better than the people who leveled our twin towers, or bombed England this week…. I feel sorry for you….not only are you pointing fingers, but you’re doing it as a Britney fan…that’s the saddest part!

    If I was a few years younger, and I’D lost it to Aaron, I’d be braggin’ all over the’, ‘place…. I’ve heard stories about Nickd, not to mention “THOR”….I doubt Aaron didn’t also get those goods….

  9. twistedpsykko says:

    well, I can’t blame her. i’d be denying like hell if I ever slept with aaron carter. but “he’s making it all up cuz his career’s on the downturn” is a really really bad excuse, seeing as how he never HAD a career for it to downturn. she should’ve said something like “i would’ve, if I could SEE the damn thing.” ooh, now that’s a burn!

  10. PopLover says:

    Nah.. Her Career Is On The Downturn Not Aaron.. She’s Pathetic.. And I Think That Was A Fake, Someone Might Be Blackmailing Him?? Aaron Will Never Have That With A Loser!

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