Hilary Duff Looks Up To Big Sister Haylie

ABC’s Rollercoaster spoke with Hilary Duff in a Q&A and asked the teen queen who she looks up to and who gives her ideas and inspiration. “I’ve never looked up to anyone in the business like ‘Oh, I want to be just like them’,” Duff responded. “There’s definitely people I respect and that I think are really cool. But I’ve always looked up to my sister [Haylie Duff]. She’s three years older than me and we’re like best friends. She’s never done anything totally outlandish and we’ve always been really close to my parents and she’s just been a really good role model for me to look up to. She’s really cool, she wrote two songs on my album and she’s really talented! And I love her and I miss her! (Laughs) I also love Dido and Nelly Furtado and people who are really into their music like that. And I love Renee Zellweger.”

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