Hilary Duff Nervous Ahead Of Debut Album Release

posted a new message to fans on her official website on Saturday (August 16). Hilary writes, “Good morning Everybody! I got to sleep in this morning and I have nothing to do over the weekend, that’s unbelievable! I had a pretty crazy week as usual between shooting the ‘Cinderella Story’ and rehearsing with my band every day. I’m getting really nervous for my album release on August 26th and I hope you all will like my first solo album. I can’t wait to go on tour with my band but first there is a lot of promotion for the album to do in the next couple of month. I’m finishing the movie next week and then I’m getting ready to start my promotion trip for the album. Ok, I’m getting some breakfast now! Luv ya all, xoxo hil.”

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10 thoughts on “Hilary Duff Nervous Ahead Of Debut Album Release

  1. pinky411 says:

    I can’t wait for her album. And her promotion tour

  2. HoneyRain says:

    she’s nervous??… hell.. I’M nervous because I know the sound of a horse in labor is about to be unleashed upon us all.. Hilary can NOT sing! my gosh I am so sick of all these lil preteens trying to be pop stars.. they aren’t even mature yet.. children are the only ones who will buy this album.

  3. Comics says:

    I thought she was pretty cool,until I saw her on AOL sessions. She lip synced the whole thing.

  4. bella89 says:

    Oh dear lord, heaven have mercy… God, please we’ve already paid for our sins why must you unleash this on us too? Do you hate us? I don’t know who’s worse, Skye Sweetnam or Hilary Fluff.

  5. Stallion says:

    Like her or not I have a feeling that she is going to be very success with this album. I like her first single. I’m not going to buy her album wait away but once I hear more singles and if I like it than I might be buy in the mean time good luck you seem like a nice girl. People are already calling you the next Britney Spears

  6. justanotherbtch says:

    Hilary Duff is a cheesy teenage girl that needs to understand that she doesn’t have what it take to be a performer.

  7. Flickmap says:

    I’m not the biggest Hilary fan, but I do know she’s older than 12! How can you try and bash someone you don’t even know? I think that’s so sad! You must be ugly and fat, jealous of Hilary’s success at such a young age.

  8. HoneyRain says:

    yeah that’s right.. I’m ugly and fat *roll eyes*.. and by the way YOU don’t know her either.. you spit more stupid sh!t than she does. you must be 12 yourself if you think Hilary is anywhere near mature and can produce quality music.. cause she CAN’T.. you prepubescent children are so hilariously idiotic..and hell yeah I’m bashing her cause I call it like I see it.. and I see a talentless wannabe.

  9. crazystuff129 says:

    ehhh…please do us all a favor and stick with acting.. I mean…no offense..but her singing doesn’t even sound like her! oh well good luck to her

  10. JtSbabygurl013181 says:

    I think that her album is gonna be really good, and I think that since I liked her 1st 2 songs, that I will buy her CD when it comes out….i think she can sing, but not as well as say xtina, or etc.

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