Hilary Duff On Mike Comrie Hecklers, Fay Dunaway Diss

tells Rachel Ray she sometimes leaps to the defense of her boyfriend Mike Comrie while attending the New York Islander star’s games. “I like to sit in the audience, you know I don’t sit up in a box or anything, and people started to know that I’m sitting there, and they’ll be like ‘Mike sucks!’ Or [they] try to rile me up,” Duff said on Rachael’s talk show. “And I’m like, ‘Hey, watch it! I’ll come up there, you know.’ … I try to not be that crazy girlfriend.”

Duff also was asked about being dissed by veteran actress Fay Dunaway, who turned her nose up at the 21-year-old reprising Dunaway’s role as Bonnie Parker in ‘The Story of Bonnie and Clyde’. “Obviously it was a little hurtful,” Duff said. “She said she wished they’d gotten a real actress to play the part. You know what, I just am sick of people – I’ve always taken the high road when it comes to people talking bad about me. I’m over it. It’s not necessary to have negativity. Especially in this day and age.” Watch it below.

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