Hilary Duff On ‘The Tonight Show’

was on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Thursday to promote her new movie ‘A Cinderella Story’. Hilary also talked about getting her driver’s license, getting Punk’d, and her dogs. Read on for a rough transcript (some of it is garbled, sorry).

Jay: You know my first guest as the star of the popular tv show “lizzie
mcguire.” Now starring in a movie called “a cinderella story,” opens next
friday, july 16th. She also has a bunch of songs on the soundtrack. There’s
the soundtrack right there. Please welcome the lovely hilary duff!

[ Cheers and applause ] Thanks for coming. You look terrific.

Hilary: Oh, thank you for having me. I’m so happy to be back.

Jay: Now, the last time I saw you, you were a little nervous. You were
gonna go for your license, and do that whole thing. Well, I’m a car guy.
Fill me in. How’d it go. Did you get it okay?

Hilary: Okay, I got the license. Okay?

Jay: First test? First time?

Hilary: First test. First time.

Jay: Wow.

Hilary: I left the parking brake on, because — I never — who uses
the parking brake unless you’re sitting on a a hill, right?

Jay: Why would you use that old thing?

[ Light laughter ]

Hilary: Unless you’re on a hill, there’s no point.

Hilary: And my driving instructor’s like, “no, you should just use it.
It will impress them.” I’m like, “okay.” And I drive away with it on, and
my car starts beeping and doing all these crazy things. I’m like, “what
did I do?” So, I think I got a couple points off for that one. I passed.

Jay: How is your driving record so far? Are you going okay?

Hilary: I have a good driving record. I haven’t gotten into any accidents
yet. Well, no, accidents involving other cars.

[ Laughter ] I kind of hit my garage the other day, left a bunch of

Hilary: Jay o syohaan

> Iidbuit was in my count. Hia een e f, o cf1 o

[ Laughter ]

Hilary: It’s not like I injured anybody else, or I injured myself, so
it was okay.

Jay: Well, how did you –? Were you on the cell phone? Were you doing
something like that?

Hilary: No.

Jay: Were you using a text meag ‘ce u were doing something when you
scd a, didn’t you? Fri

Jay: So, you were talking to trouble with my parents here.

Jay: Well, no, I’m just trying to think. If you’re pulling in the garage
going, maybe, a mile an hour.

Hilary: Okay, it was 11:00 at night, so it was really dark outside.
Right? And I’m going really slow, because my mom’ss d f1 there, and so

Jay: Well, when th d phe cesn eare,ig?

Hilary: Yeah.

Jay: So it wasn’t that dark.

[ Light laughter ]

Hilary: Ohh! No, this one’s broken.

Jay: Oh, the light was broken in the garage?

Hilary: No, it’s not. It was fine. Okay? It was a simple mistake, jay.

Jay: Your honor, permission to tr t a hostile

[ Lihtaute]

Hilary: But I scraped the side, and it made this horrible noise, and
I was like, “did I just run over something?” And I kept going. And it,
like, scratched all the way down the side of my car.

Jay: Okay, so you pull in and you hear —

[ Leno makes scratching sound ]

Hilary: Yes, and then I just kept going, though, because I didn’t know
what its.Cf3 psab lo que era.


Jay: So, eventually, you must have hit the inside wall of the garage
before you side —

Hilary: I didn’tt ono 1 a t scratches are gone.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Well, that’s a hell of a car wash/body shop.

[ Laughter ] Wow, it came together well. Did you tell your parents that
you scraped it or did you just forget about it?

Hilary: No, I told my mom. I said, “mom, I pulled into the garage last
night and I scraped up my car.” And she was like, “you need a a bigger
car. Why do you have such a big car, anyway?” Now, wht y drive

Jay: That’s what you need when you’re 16 — do a lot of off-roading.

Hilary: Why don’t we talk about your cars? I bet they’re not that practical.

Jay: No, but I don’t plow into my garage either.

[ Laughter ]

Hilary: He probably drives like a a grandpa — like, inching down the
road, staring —

Jay: That’s me. That’s me.

[ Laughter ] I just inch down the road. If the cops believe that, it’s
fine with me.

[ Light laughter ] Now, tell me about driving school. I heard you had
a little problem. What happened at driving school?

Hilary: Are you talking about “punk’d”?

Jay: Yeah, tell us the story.

[ Hilary groans ]

Hilary: It was so embarrassing. I thought I was going to driving school,
and ends up that, you know, my driving instructor was from “punk’D.”

Jay: So, the ashton kutcher the candid camera guy.Ok.

Hilary: Yeah, and everything went wrong. I walked — oh, my reflexes

[ Laughter ] I went into the thing and they had printed up a fake sheet,
like, the eyesight test. And so there were, like, these little, bitty numbers,
and I couldn’t read it. He was talking about how, like, my rings were going
to deflect into my eyes when I was driving and how it wasn’t safe. Then,
igocaacd. He kept trying to tell me to, like, give the finger to the guy
that was following us.

Jay: This was the driving instructor?

Hilary: The driving instructor.

Jay: This is very elaborate, isn’t it? ‘Cause you had no idea.

Hilary: It was crazy. I was freaking out.

Jay: Well, show it. Okay, here it is, from “punk’D.” Here you are.

Hilary: Anything else is a hazard.

Hilary: Move your C.

Hilary: All right, roll down your window. We’ll teach you some los angeles
driving. We’re gonna give this guy the finger, all right?

Hilary: No, we’re not.

Hilary: Yeah, we are.

Hilary: [ Bleep ] Off, dude.

[ Bleep ] Off.

Hilary: I can’t do that.

Hilary: [ Bleep ] Off, dude.

Hilary: Move your car.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Now —

Hilary: He made me put my car in park at a stop sign and wouldn’t let
me go. It was horrible.

Jay: Did you ever suspect that ashton kutcher –?

Hilary: I just thought he was ridiculous. I was like, “what is this
guy doing? He’s crazy.” I kept trying to get on my phone and call my mom
and be like, “come and get me, this guy is crazy.” I could never get around
to getting on my phone without being caught by him. Then after awhile,
once the car got stolen, he’s like, “okay, let’s walk back, it’s only about
five miles. I had heels on and everything. I was like, “what? No way.”
And I’m like, “well, let’s call the police.” No. And he’s like, “no, you
can’t call the police.” I started to get a little suspicious, then ashton
came running out, and I was like, “I can’t believe you did that.”

Jay: Were you mad?

Hilary: I was more mad that I’m so busy and I have no time to go to
driving school that I had to do that all over again.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Oh. We’ll take a little break. More with hilary right after this
c o1pchrsd plse]- oprah: This is what’s amazing — your body.

[Cheers] Oprah: Spend the hour with brad pitt.

Hilary: We just can’t dodge that question, can we? Oprah: No, you can’T.
Next “oprah.”

Gonna be..

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Welcome back. Talking with hilary duff, star of the new “a cinderella
story,” the new movie. But let me ask you, how are you dogs doing? You
like dogs, don’t you?

Hilary: Yes. We have four dogs at home.

Jay: I thought you had a lot of dogs.

Hilary: We do, running around everywhere. It’s like a little dog farm.
But we have, like, four.

Jay: But you rescue dogs, right?

Hilary: Yes, they’re all rescued dogs.

Jay: That’s wonderful. Now, see, that’s wonderful. So, tell me about
them. Tell me about your dogs.

Hilary: We have two pocket pomeranians. One is just, like, totally bossy,
and one is blind and deaf. So, she’s a little crazy, but we love her. And
then I just rescued a a mini-pincher, half-chihuahua.

Jay: You like the little tiny —

Hilary: But we do — I have a big dog in texas that’s a border collie.

Jay: Oh, okay.

Hilary: But it’s easier to travel with, and I travel so much.

Jay: Oh, you just put them in your pocket.

Hilary: Sure.

Jay: Any behavioral problems with your dogs?

Hilary: There is very big behavior problems. We don’t have time to train
them, so they just run around pcs alrededor de nuestra our house. Annoyingth

Hilary: Ayrit.

Hilary: My siste, tulyshe & called a dog whispereyo .

Jay: A what?

Hilary: A dog whisperer.

[ Light laughter ]

Jay: A dog whisperer?

Hilary: Yes.

Jay: Is that like a really expensive dog trainer?

Hilary: No. It’s not really, like, a a trainer. He comes and analyzes
to see what’s wro. Eupselylk–

[ Leno whispers ]

Jay: Whisper.

Whisper. Like that?

[ Laughter ]

Hilary: I think you have another career.

Jay: Does he actually whisper to the dogs?

Hilary: I don’t know. I didn’t get to see it. I was out of town. My
sister’s like, “hilary, the dog whisperer is coming, s we’re gonna se w
t ds ias liaylie” — and it was, like, $4 o he goes away ad ty sister,
“you need to take your dogs on more walks. And this one needs to be picked
up with both hands instead of just one.” I was like “for $400, $500 I could
have told you that about any dog.” You know?

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Well, yeah. I mean, that seems like so — does the dog speak to
the — is it a man or woman? Do you know?

Hilary: I think it was a man.

Jay: You think it was a man. That’s a bad sign right there, when you’re
not sure.

[ Laughter ]

Hilary: I wasn’t there, jay. I was out of town. My sister did this.

Jay: Does the dog communicate with him, what, supposedly telepathically?
Does the dog go —

[ Leno barks ] “What is it, little timmy” –?

Hilary: I don’t know. But I do know they are much better after he came.

Jay: Really? So, the whispering helps?

Hilary: Well, we take them on more walks now. You know.

[ Light laughter ] No, okay, you guys are going to think I’m crazy,
but I promise —

Jay: Maybe he’s a dog threatener. Maybe he goes, “I’ll beat the hell
out of this.”

[ Laughter ] The dog gets scared and, “okay, we’ll do what you say.”

Hilary: Okay.

Jay: I never heard of that. Get me some more information on the dog

Hilary: Look in the yellow pages.

Jay: Right under dog whisperer. Okay, all right. Now, tell us about
“a cinderella story.” Is it like the cinderella story that we know? Modern,
updated? P>Its.Avtwio it. Also, another thing I love about it is, it’s
kind of like — the cinderella that you’ve seen kind of, like, waits for
everything to come to her. This girl really, like, has goals. Even though
she’s, like, the underg,oes out and she wanting to do for a while, which
is really cool. It’s kind of, like, an uplifting story. I love it. The
cd comes out next week.

Jay: That’s right. And you have a bunch of songs on the cd.

Hilary: I do. I have four new songs out on the soundtrack.

Jay: Let’s take a look a&wt’hag s en do we know?

Hilary: Yes. Let’s see — oh, okay, so we’ve gone to the charming to
know that it’s me, so I’m trying to hide from him.

Jay: Okay, let’s take a a look.

Sam, he’s looking for you everywhere. You gotta tell him it was you.

Isn’t it better to just cling to dreams of what might have been, instead
of ruining everything with reality?

You can’t hide from him forever.

Not forever. Just until graduation, when I leave this place and never
see him again.

Well, look in the yearbook again, bro. Maybe you missed her.

Maybe she’s foreign exchange.

That’s hot.

Totally. That’s like —

There’s no way I missed her. I mean, we had a connection.

Are you okay?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Cool. “A cinderella story,” and it opens next friday. Right? And
that’s the cd right there. Hilary, congratulations. Good luck with your
car and your dogs.

Hilary: Thank you so much. Thank you.

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