Hilary Duff Posts Sunday Message For Fans

posted a new diary entry on her official website this morning. She says, “Good morning Everybody! What a beautiful Sunday morning it is and I’m not busy today! Yesterday was crazy, my stylist Claudio came over in the morning and we had to go through tons of clothes for my NY and Hawaii trip this coming week. I’m sooo nervous because my album is coming out in two days and I hope everyone will enjoy it. My schedule will be crazy this week, I’m signing autographs on Tuesday morning at the Virgin Megastore in Burbank, after that I’m getting on a plane to New York and arrive there around midnight. On Wednesday I’m guest at TRL and afterwards I’ll sign autographs at the Virgin Megastore in NY. I can’t wait to go to the MTV Music Awards on Thursday night. On Friday I’m taking off to Hawaii where I’m shooting my special for ‘The WB’ and it will be my first public performance with my band. Crazy week, isn’t it? I will try to write while I’m travelling to let you guys know how everything is going, ok? I’m ready for breakfast now! Luv ya all, xoxo hil*”

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5 thoughts on “Hilary Duff Posts Sunday Message For Fans

  1. ktkins143 says:

    She is TOO/SO freaking cute!

  2. babet says:

    Hilary seems like a really sweet and down to earth type girl. but I really think she should stick to acting. I don’t see Hilary establishing a career as a respectable singer. she’s just going down Britney’s route. she’s an excellent actress. I’d like to see her act in a role as a character that is completely opposite to the role she usually plays (young teenybopper girl that’s still in school and thinks guys are “like…totally hot”). it would be interesting to see her in an antagonist role….or she could be in the next harry potter movie or something….or some sort of sci-fi movie that resembles nothing like a frigging chic flick family movie.

  3. linley56 says:

    I hope her “first public performance” isn’t lip synched, like Sessions@AOL was.

  4. Comics says:

    Yea she lip synced^ I listened to her whole album on Aol. She can sing, but needs a lot of work. I really didn’t like it because most of the songs were sad.

  5. EvanescenceSucks says:

    The last thing we need is another blonde bubblegum lip synching pop princess. I am praying that “era” is over. PLEASE, Hilary, sing live when you perform. You don’t appear to do any sort of dance numbers, so it’s not like you have an excuse. If your voice isn’t strong enough to sing live, then go back to acting, get some voice lessons, and come back in a few years when you can really sing.

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