Hilary Duff Promotes ‘Material Girls’ On ‘Late Night’

visited ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’ last night to promote her new film ‘Material Girls’. Duff talked about the show’s high chairs, getting started in the business young, crazy stuff about her in the tabloids, getting along with her sister Haylie, and more. Read on for a rough transcript.

Conan: Okay everybody, we’re back. My first guest has appeared
in numerous films, including “cheaper by the dozen” one and two, and “a
cinderella story.” Later this summer, you can see her in “material girls.”
Please welcome, hilary duff.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Conan: You look lovely!

Hilary: Thank you. My feet don’t touch the ground.

Conan: Oh, yeah.

Hilary: Every time I come here, my feet don’t touch the ground.

Conan: We’ve got to do something about this chair. Everyone complains
about this chair. We went to like crate & barrel and bought the best
one we could. We’ve got to get a new one. You —

Hilary: Not everyone is as tall as you, conan. [popdirt.com]

Conan: I know, I know. I just like to see people’s feet dangle.

Hilary: Okay.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: I’m a perv.

[ Laughter ] But, thanks for being here.

Hilary: Sure, thank you for having me.

Conan: And congratulations. Think about it, today you’ve had so much
success. I was mentioning, you’ve sort of conquered these different areas
of the show business world, and you’re so young. You’re 18 years old.

Hilary: Yeah.

Conan: I’m telling you, I like that — you’re 18 years old, you know? [popdirt.com]

[ Laughter ] How old were you when you started in this business? You
started very young.

Hilary: I did, I was about like — it was probably ten years ago.

Conan: Right.

Hilary: So, I mean —

Conan: 8 years old, wow.

Hilary: Yeah.

Conan: Incredible.

Hilary: I started doing like, commercials in texas and then we moved
to california, and kind of went back and forth.

Conan: Right.

Hilary: It’s actually a funny story ’cause, this business is so — I
mean it’s so adult, you know? And I did this movie that was a straight
to video movie. And they were using all these words. And I was like, learning
all this stuff that I had — was so unfamiliar with and —

Conan: Yeah, you were so young. Yeah.

Hilary: Right. And so the director was using words like, “hilary, hug
the couch.” Or, “hilary, like, when you walk through the room, banana.”
And I’m like, “what does that stuff mean?” You know? [popdirt.com]

Conan: I don’t know what that means and I’m 43.

[ Laughter ]

Hilary: Well, thank you. So, I’m like —

Conan: I’ve been in this business a long time and I don’t know what
that means.

Hilary: Right. So I’m like, running — running through this room and
I go — and he’s like, “hilary, hug the couch” and I just —

Conan: Which means like, just like — yeah, just —

Hilary: Stay closer to it.

Conan: Right.

Hilary: And I’m like, “all right, I’m going to do it. I’m just going
to go and hug it like I really love it.” And —

[ Laughter ] I totally — and everyone was like, “what is she doing?”

Conan: Yeah, yeah. There’s something that I would do now. Yeah. Well,
whatever you’re doing is working. You have a huge following. I mean, wherever
you go, young people show up. Today, at the show, when people found out
that you were going to be on our program, all these fans showed up.

Hilary: Really? [popdirt.com]

Conan: I actually have video tape of them out in the hallway, I think.
And they’re just — yeah, they’re going crazy for you.

Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams let it wash away

my sanity

Joel Goddard: Boy, I hope I get to meet her. I hope I get to meet her.

[ Laughter and applause ]

Let the rain fall down let the rain fall down and wake my dreams

[ Cheers and applause ]

Conan: Joel godard, our announcer.

Hilary: Wow.

Conan: Joel is so excited. He’s in the announce booth right now. Joel?
I think you’re here right now. Joel, he’s so excited.

Hilary: Hey hilary! I love you!

[ Laughter ]

Conan: Yeah, very nice.

Hilary: Thank you.

Conan: Yeah. A lot of korean war veterans are behind you.

Hilary: Yeah. Conan, there’s some very scary people working backstage.

Conan: Yeah, yeah, we’re a freak show.

[ Laughter ] Didn’t your people tell you that?

Hilary: No one gave me that warning.

Conan: You know, you’re in this — in this world of show business, where
so much is written about you in the tabloids.

Hilary: Yeah.

Conan: I have avoided that successfully. We don’t know how.

[ Laughter ] Oh, right, I’m uninteresting.

[ Laughter ] But you have — they write about you constantly. D they’re
— they write a lot of crazy things about you. What’s some of the more
insane things you’ve read about yourself in the tabloids lately?

Hilary: Oh my gosh, you know what? It’s really unavoidable. They’re
just going to make stuff up, when you don’t give them anything to write

Conan: Right.

Hilary: But, I read that — you know my sister and I live together and
I read that recently we burnt down half of our house from the toaster.
How anybody does that, is beyond me.

Conan: Right.

Hilary: But a —

Conan: I mean, why not the whole house? Why half of the house?

Hilary: Yeah, it was very odd.

Conan: So they can just write that and nothing like that happened at

Hilary: No. No. I mean, I read that after we — there’s this rain shot
in one of my movies. And they were using glycerin, because it shows up
on the camera better. And one of the drops got in my eye and it made like
all my makeup — it made my eye liner and all my makeup came down. And
we just had to go and fix it, you know, so we had to go in the trailer
and fix my makeup. And it wasn’t like I was freaking out or anything.

Conan: Right.

Hilary: And they’re like — the next week I read in like, a tabloid
magazine, that “I refused to come out of the trailer unless they brought
me a plasma big screen.”

[ Laughter ]

Conan: Really?

Hilary: I was like, I wish I could get that creative.

Conan: Yeah. But I mean — but also, in a weird way it makes me think,
“wow, she’s got a lot of power if she can do that,” you know? “I demand
a plasma.” I’m throwing — I’m throwing a fit here on this show every day.
I’m like, “I will not come out of my dressing room unless you get me a
1968 volkswagen beetle.”

[ Laughter ] And they don’t, and I stay in there, and no one notices.

[ Laughter ] You have performed, that’s right — you’ve preformed twice
for president bush.

Hilary: I have, yeah. [popdirt.com]

Conan: Yeah. And is that — I mean that seems very nerve wracking, performing
for the president, is it?

Hilary: Yeah, I think I was nervous. I mean, there’s so many people
around that are important people, and that are really — i mean, they work
at the white house. Or they, you know, have important jobs.

Conan: Right.

Hilary: And I’m like, scared. “I hope I don’t mess up, I hope –” and
I don’t want to say anything wrong.

Conan: Right.

Hilary: And it’s a little nerve wracking —

Conan: When, when you are singing, and the president is out there, are
you — can you see what he’s doing? Is he rocking out?

[ Laughter ] Is he —

Hilary: Can you imagine? No, actually, the first time was at a ceremony
that went on. It was with a lot of young adults.

Conan: Right.

Hilary: And so they were like, having a good time, and being able to
stand up and act like they were at a concert. But, he wasn’T. He just came
on the stage later. And then I also performed at the ford theater, which
was amazing because it has so much history. And he was just sitting there
with everybody else.

Conan: Yeah.

Hilary: He wasn’t like, “yeah!”

Conan: No, it’s so funny, ’cause I, you know, I have no idea what he
would — I’ve never seen footage of him at a rock concert or a pop show.
So I don’t — I have no idea what he would be doing. But, I don’t if you
had — you feel like it — but then you get to talk to him afterwards,

Hilary: Yeah, he came out and he was like, you know, “you did such a
great job and –” he wasn’t like, “I own all your cds!”

[ Laughter ] That’s what I’m saying.

Conan: No, that was joel godard. Yeah.

[ Laughter ] He was there for that. Yeah.

[ Laughter and applause ] He was — the secret service threw him out
of that show.

[ Laughter ] “Material girls.” “Material girls” is opening in august.
Is that right?

Hilary: Yeah. I did that with my sister, haylie.

Conan: Oh, great.

Hilary: And, so it’s going to come out in august. And it’s really funny.
It’s like something different, that we’ve never done before. And we got
to spend a lot of time together which was cool.

Conan: And you guys get along? It’s a, you know — I mean, I get along
with my brothers and sisters but, I don’t know what it would be like if
I worked with them. You know what I’m saying?

Hilary: We live together and we — we’re like — she’s my best friend.
We have all the same friends and — she’s actually in new york right now
doing “hairspray” on broadway, so —

Conan: Oh, good for her. All right, well, “material girls” opens in
august, as I mentioned and hilary, thanks so much for being here.

Hilary: Yes, thank you. [popdirt.com]

Conan: Yeah, continued success, too. Hilary duff!

Hilary: Thanks for having me.

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