Hilary Duff Promotes ‘The Perfect Man’ On ‘The Tonight Show’

was on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Monday (June 13) to promote her new movie ‘The Perfect Man’, which opens in theaters on Friday. The teen queen ducked the question when Jay asked what her perfect man would be, not mentioning her Good Charlotte boyfriend Joel Madden. But then there was some irony from Leno, when Duff asked who his perfect woman would be. After saying to Duff that “you would be”, he added, “You know what that means? I would then sitting in prison, ’cause you’re only 17.” Read on for a rough, computer generated transcript.

Jay: Welcome back everybody. My first guest, a very talented young
actress and singer. Best know for her role in the hit show “Lizzie McGuire.”
Starring in the movie called “the perfect man.” Heather Locklear plays
here mom. Which is perfect, I can go, as older guy, and leer at heather.
And some of the younger guys — it works out perfectly. It’s a family movie.
It opens this Friday. Please welcome the lovely, Hilary Duff.

[ Cheers and applause ] Well, you look lovely.

Hilary: Oh, thank you. My feet don’t touch the ground.

Jay: Well, here I got this little foot stool thing. Here we go. Ready?
Here we go.

Hilary: My gosh, he really does.

Jay: Welcome to Hef’s place. How are you?

Hilary: I’m great. How are you?

Jay: How are you feeling? I know you’re a little under the weather.
You okay?

Hilary: I am a little sick. Dr. Sugarman hooked me up. I hear he’s your doctor.

Jay: Oh, yeah, that’s my doctor. He took care of you?

Hilary: Yeah, yeah.

Jay: Dr. Feelgood.

Hilary: He made it possible for me to be here.

Jay: Oh, well, good. I’ll call him and thank him.

Hilary: Okay.

Jay: Now, you had this earthquake. Did you feel it?

Hilary: I was out of town, actually.

Jay: Oh, so you missed it. Okay.

Hilary: Thank gosh. I don’t like the earthquakes here.

Jay: Have you been in one?

Hilary: I have, I’ve been in one before. A little scary. I lived in
Oakland at the time, and my closet door just started, like, rambling open. I was like, “was is this? What is happening here?” I am from Texas, we don’t have those.

Jay: Yeah, but at the Oakwood, any time anybody walks by, the closet tends to do that.

Hilary: Kind of. Kind of. My mom was like, “come on. Come on.” She,
like, took us out on the patio. Like, “why are we out here?” We looked up and there’s, like,

Jay: Yeah, a patio doesn’t seem like the smartest place to be. ‘Cause
the patio is just hanging off

Hilary: Right, exactly.

Jay: You might want to get mom one of those books.

Hilary: Okay.

Jay: Now, you’re turning 18.

Hilary: Yes.

Jay: Okay. You know, last time I saw you, you just turned 17. You went on vacation.

Hilary: Yes, for my birthday, we went to Cabo.

Jay: Okay, that’s right. Now how did that go? Did you catch anything?

Hilary: I did. It was the very first time I ever went fishing and I caught, like, a 50 pound fish.

Jay: Oh, that sounds like a a fisher-liar story. Really?

[ Laughter ] A 50 pound fish?

Hilary: I swear. You can ask anybody that was there.

Jay: Actually, 50? ‘Cause, you know, fishing —

Hilary: Ok. You caught me. I think it was lipods

Jay: Wow. Wow.

Hilary: No. You, like, sit on this chair, and some, kind of, like, alarm
goes off that, like, a fish bit on to this thing. The fishing pole. I’m, like, so not technical.

[ Light laughter ] But then, I, like, jumped up, and I wanted to go
first ’cause everyone else was, like, sick on the boat.

Jay: Oh, you weren’t sitting there holding it? You were, like, back
at the hotel when they called you?

[ Laughter ]

Hilary: And I jet skied over to the boat and, like, hopped in. No, but then, they, like, put you in this chair and you have this pole holder, like, connected to the chair. And then, you learn, like, how to, like, reel in and pull back. Reel in and pull back. It was like 10 minutes. And then my sister’s rod, like, snapped. Like, a fish bit on. So then she stole my chair. ‘Cause I had already gotten used to it so it was, like, Haylie’s turn. And nobody would help us. They were like, “If you catch a a fish, you have to do it yourself.”

Jay: Oh, okay.

Hilary: So, they’re, like — all this stuff’s going on at one time — they’re, like, strapping this boat?

Hilary: Yes, but he was mean. He was fighting me for a long time.

Jay: Yeah, I can’t imagine why, being dragged out of the ocean he’s
put up a fight like that.

Hilary: You don’t think he wanted to come hang out on my boat with me. [popdirt.com]

Jay: Wow. Did you get sea sick? Are you used to being on boats? I got a little seasick in the no we got up so early in the my god — one of my friends was throwing up a little bit. It wasn’t too good.

Jay: Now, you have a lot of allergies, don’t you?

Hilary: I do. Can you tell?

Jay: Well, I just knew you have a little cold. Do you want a tissue? I have a tissue here.

Hilary: I’m doing okay.

Jay: Okay.

Hilary: Don’t think I’ll

Jay: Well that’s okay. Well, that’s I offered you tissues, you didn’t
blow your nose on “Jay Leno.”

[ Laughter ] That’s why I gave you a a thing — oh, you blow ’em on
“Jay Leno.” “Oh, thank you, this is good.” That’s why we have the tissue. What’s the worst allergic reaction you’ve had? Hives? Or what happens?

Hilary: Um no hives. No.

Jay: Do you get sparkly? ‘Cause you have sparkly stuff —

[ Laughter ] Do you break out in sparklies?

Hilary: At least, that’s the worst — my worst symptom, I get sparkly.

Jay: But are you — like, are you allergic to a lot of things, only
a few things?

Hilary: I think, you know, I just, I’ve been traveling a lot. I was
in new york and then I went to D.C. Then coming back. And the weather there is really hot and humid. And then, I got on the plane my ear, I had to get, like, a ear — my eardrum. So, like, it would relieve pressure because I have to fly at, like, 6:00 in the morning.

Jay: A needle poked through your eardrum?

Hilary: Not exciting. I’ve had a very adventurous day.

Jay: Who did this? Was it the shoe shine guy?

[ Laughter ] Because I don’t know any doctor who would — “oh, you gotta little pressure? Let me put a hole in your head.”

Hilary: No, I think it’s, like, a a normal thing that they do when you
have fly — like, when you. He to get on an airplane. Dr. Sugarman hooked me up. And it heals, but it scared me.

Jay: Well, yeah, a hole in the head can often be painful.

[ Laughter ]

Hilary: Is that a hole in the head?

Jay: Well, sort of. What are you allergic to? Are there things like

Hilary: Just grass and trees and weather change and airplanes.

Jay: Grass and trees and airplanes. Wow.

Hilary: Pollen. That’s what people are allergic to, right? I’m not abnormal.

Jay: Right, all right.

Hilary: What you allergic to, Jay?

Jay: Well, I’m the same thing. I have bad hay fever. When I go back east, my eyes water. I don’t get it so much out here.

Hilary: I don’t get it here, either. Just traveling.

Jay: I don’t remember the doctor, “let me put this in here –” “ooh.”
All right, look, you performed for the preside?

Hilary: Jay

Jay: Find out more about that. We’ll be back.

Jay: Welcome back. Talking with Hilary Duff. Now tell me about — you
performed for the president. What was that like? Were you nervous?

Hilary: You know what? I never get nervous, ever. And I think I was a little, there was only a couple of hundred people. It was at ford’s theater. And being in that place, there was so much history, the little booth where like John Wilkes booth hopped over after he killed the president. There was so much stuff, it was incredible. It was cool to be there. Having President Bush and his wife right there, it was a big honor.

Jay: Now what’s this I heard about you? You high-fived the president
or he high-fived you? Is there any truth to that?

Hilary: It’s so funny. I read this story, too, that we supposedly high-fived each other, and kind of missed. But that didn’t really happen.

Jay: So just a traditional handshake.

Hilary: It wasn’t a traditional handshake. It was kind of like President
Bush getting a little hip. Like he kind of like did a a handshake. But we didn’t miss. It just wasn’t like a normal, like —

Jay: But what did he do? I’ll be president bush. Give me the —

Hilary: I don’t really remember. I could try and fake something with
you now, though. [popdirt.com]

Jay: Okay, go ahead.

Hilary: I think it was kind of like that.

Jay: Like a slap?

Hilary: Yeah.

Jay: Like that. Like that like one of those, deals. Okay. Well, that
would be cool.

Hilary: It wasn’t like a —

Jay: No, no. That would be the miss, exactly. ‘Cause it’s hard, you’re
performing for the president. And you’re not even old enough to vote yet. Well, it’s true. You’re 17. I don’t know what I was doing at 17, but I wasn’t performing for the president. I know that. I mean, you have such — do you forget that you are 17? Do you go places and people go, “Oh, I’m sorry, you have to be 18”?

Hilary: Um, yes, actually, I have a a funny story. ‘Cause you know,
I do forget that I’m 17. I have kind of an adult person job. I’m not really an adult yet, you know? Actually, I went to buy a cell phone the other day. ‘Cause mine — I am kind of klutzy, and I drop it all the time and it broke. I needed to get a new one. I think we’re on this family plan. My mom and my sister and I are all on the family plan. I went into the phone store to go buy a new cell phone and a a new service and everything. Then I got it all situated, got my number. Then I put my credit card down, went to charge it, and they’re like, “You have no credit.” It was like, “What?” I thought I was out of money. I didn’t know what happened. I know
I have money in the bank. I didn’t know what happened, so I called, they were like, “You have no credit. You have no credit.” I was like, “What are you talking about?’ I almost started crying. I was like, “What happened to me? Where did my money go?” I’m not 18 yet, so I guess you can’t buy a cell phone when you have no credit. I could have done it through a a corporation or something.

Jay: So you didn’t get your cell phone?

Hilary: No, I had to bring my sister back with me the next day. I was
like, “She has an I.D., She’s over 18.”

[ Laughter ] It was kind of embarrassing. It was like, they turned me
away. Like, “be kind.”

Jay: “Oh, we love your movies, I’m sorry.”

Hilary: We can’t sell you a cell phone.

Jay: And you couldn’t make even make the call to call your sister, ’cause you couldn’t get a cell phone.

Hilary: Right, exactly. I had to drive all the way home.

Jay: Okay. So tell us about “The Perfect Man.” Tell us about it.

Hilary: You now, Heather Locklear plays my mom.

Jay: Right, which makes me laugh. I don’t know why that seems funny to me. But I’m at the age now where Heather Locklear is the mom, which
seems hilarious. Okay.

Hilary: Well, she was great in it. I love heather. Chris Noth plays
“The Perfect Man.” And let’s see, Ben Feldman plays my best friend it in, and he was just great. It’s really just about a mother and daughter story and how — there’s two love stories within. Like holly, my character, kind of falls in love for the first time and heather eventually ends up finding a perfect man, but it’s kind of throughout my plot and scheme to get her there. Holly has no roots. Like, she’s grown up with her mom moving them all over to different towns, because she hooks up with random guys and gets her heart broken. So it’s about the mother and daughter butting heads and how they kind of re-mend their relationship.

Jay: Have you seen anybody either you know or don’t know in history
who might have been the perfect man for you?

[ Laughter ] We’ll get to the clip. I’m just curious. Is there anybody
like who would be the perfect —

Hilary: Perfect? [popdirt.com]

Jay: Besides me.

Hilary: Hmm.

Jay: It’s a hard question.

Hilary: I don’t know. You know, I think there is no such thing as perfect. Right? ‘Cause if everyone was perfect, then that would mean we would have to be perfect, and that’s no fun, right? That’s my good way of sneaking around the question.

Jay: You snuck around the question. Do you have a perfect woman, Jay?

Jay: She’s sitting right here. Didn’t I ask you the question?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Hilary: I’m so flattered.

Jay: You know what that means? I would then sitting in prison, ’cause
you’re only 17. Let’s take a look. Here’s a scene from “The Perfect Man.”

Hilary: Oh! Wow. How beautiful. Who are those for?

Hilary: Me. Isn’t that weird? Someone left me flowers.

Hilary: Who? What’s the card say?

Hilary: “How many women can look like a goddess in a bakery uniform? You are a vision.”

Hilary: Who sent them?

Hilary: A secret admirer.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Cool.

Hilary: Before the scene started, the whole thing was like me setting
up all these different things to get my mom to think that someone is involved with her, so she’s not just going for any random guy. It is kind of interesting, this baker that’s really cheesy that takes her to a styx concert. And I’m like, “oh, god, this guy’s gotta go.” So I’m thinking of all these things to get this other guy in her head, even though there is no guy. And it’s this whole plot with me running up and down the stairs and her missing the doorbell every time I ring it, and I get in this brawl with a a homeless man who tries to steal the orchid. There’s a lot of funny parts in the movie. [popdirt.com]

Jay: Well, check it out. It opens this Friday. This Friday, “the perfect
man.” Be right back with a very funny man, Jim Norton, right after this. Hilary Duff.

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