Hilary Duff Responds To Michelle Branch Diss

Entertainment Weekly caught up with Hilary Duff and asked her for a response to Michelle Branch’s recent criticism that her hit ‘Why Not’ was one of the worst songs she’s heard. “That’s funny. I’ve always respected and I like her music,” Duff said. “I think it’s really mean and it makes everybody look ugly to hate on people and to say mean things. But if she didn’t like my song that’s fine. You can’t make everybody happy.” When it was suggested perhaps she didn’t mean it, Hilary shot back, “I’m sure she did, if she said it!” Read more.

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13 thoughts on “Hilary Duff Responds To Michelle Branch Diss

  1. perfectly-imperfect says:

    What a good response and I’m glad she didn’t take what Michelle Branch said to heart. She’s got a good head on her shoulders for someone so young. Reminds me of Britney in that sense.

  2. hellahooked says:

    Hilary please shut the fu** up. You insulted Michelle by comparing yourself to her. You don’t have talent… you don’t play a instrument so how could you even dare compare? idiot. Just keep making your little Disney movies or TV shows cause you suck at singing.

  3. blondeambiti0n says:

    Michelle Branch is so quick to diss other artists, which is why I don’t like her. She didn’t have to like Hilary’s song, hell I don’t even like that song, but she should not have put Hilary down for it. Maybe Michelle needs diss others to make herself feel better because her CD sales aren’t doing so well. Just a thought.

  4. Fairycute7 says:

    Hilary is such a freaking cutie. I think she is just precious and yes, Michelle is quick to dis other artist. Michelle sucks! She has a bad attitude and she is obviously jealous. Hilary reminds me of a little up and coming Britney. Hilary is just plain cute and sweet. She’s a triple threat and Michelle feels threatened.

  5. hellahooked says:

    Um people.. Hilary deserved to be dissed by Michelle. How dare she compare herself to the talented Michelle? Now that’s messed up. She cannot sing nor play a instrument yet Michelle can. Michelle is cool and very funny. The clay comment was funnier. ‘Why Not’ is a crap song and very horrible.

    How is Hilary a triple threat? LOL that was funny. Michelle is talented. She actually writes her own songs and plays a instrument.. well can play a few instruments. She can also sing quite well while Hilary cannot.

  6. jazzprofounder says:

    I don’t think it had to be necessary that Hillary had to be dissed by Michelle Branch. I know she’s multi talented and has a great voice, but she needs to learn to at least be sophisticated and more mature about what she has to say about people, especially someone as sweet as Hillary who was mature enough to not diss her back. And it’s kinda ironic that artists like Michelle and Avril (who performs rock music) tend to diss rising stars and singers that are pop singers and/or entertainers. Even though they have the right to say their own opinion, they can at least be more respectful about it.

  7. kyip150 says:

    Few points: 1. Rolling Stone ASKED her that question. She didn’t flat out say she hated that song. 2. Why would it be a triple threat? Honestly, Michelle’s in the music business to share her music with the world, not make money off her record sales/tour sales (like Hilary is probably doing, hearing of her Disney negotiation) 3. Michelle can talk about whoever she wants, because it’s freedom of speech. I’m guessing no one here has ever studied the Bill of Rights.

  8. jazzprofounder says:

    I definitely agree with your 2nd point. Michelle to me is in the category of Alicia Keys, Norah Jones, India Arie, and Vanessa Carlton, artists whom come to express the life, the beauty, the heartache, the passion and the soul of their music without depending so much on the media to give them the limo to Hollywood. That’s why fans and critics alike respect them more, they truly have multi-talents that deserves to be embraced, not overused. And of course, your 3rd point is correct. Just to let you know, I studied the Bill of Rights, but of course some people here who seem to act 12 just don’t understand the concept of free speech.

  9. blondeambiti0n says:

    ^^ Um, just because someone legally has the right to say whatever they want, it doesn’t make what they say morally right. Get it? Technically, Michelle can say whatever she pleases about Hilary, but it doesn’t make it right. Michelle feels the need to constantly diss others, and even though she can, it’s not right.

  10. SunChick says:

    Hilary Duff can NEVER compare herself to Michelle Branch. For one thing, Michelle has talent while Hilary…doesn’t. She can’t sing and she can’t play an instrument. “Why Not” was crap, and the song “So Yesterday” makes me want to puke everytime I hear it. Hilary’s voice, along with the elementary school lyrics, make her music unbearable. No one over the age of 8 will EVER accept Hilary as a true artist…

  11. nick_carters_girl says:

    umm.. I remember before..i couldn’t stand Hilary..but ever since like a week ago..i think she’s okay..she’s nice..kinda in a Britney type of way.. Michelle shouldn’t have said that (even though I love Michelle and her music a lot..)..i know people have freedom of speech but some things you just don’t say…. an example is..if I totally hate your sweater and I think its really ugly..even though I do have freedom of speech..it doesn’t mean its right to say..”ewww, what the hell are you wearing??!”.. its kinda mean, isn’t it?

  12. popnicklover says:

    I think Hilary took that response in a more mature way than what Michelle said about Hilary’s song. Yes, I like Michelle’s music a lot more than Hilary’s and yes, I think Michelle is much more talented than Hilary, but Michelle definitely needs to learn (like Avril and Kelly Osbourne, for example) how to be more mature and not-so-cruel when it comes to answering questions like that. It just makes a famous person look immature when they diss another famous person. You can speak out your opinions without sounding so cruel about it. You know what I mean?

  13. Brentwood_Babe says:

    Michelle is threatened by what? Yet another Disney manufactured blonde haired twit with empty lyrics? She’s got great marketing potential with the blonde haired girl next door wholesome look. That’s it. Hilary will have her moment in the sun, as there’s always room for yet another dumb blonde. She’ll come and she’ll go. Michelle shouldn’t feel threatened by that, because Hilary’s are a dime a dozen. Michelle is unique and talented. Michelle just needs to learn to shut her friggin mouth about other artists. Her talent should speak for itself and because of that, she’ll have more staying power.

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