Hilary Duff Says She’s Still With Aaron Carter

Contributed by sa130997:

was just interviewed @ 107.9 The End when they asked her about Aaron. They talked about the last time when she first confirmed about their relationship. So they asked how things are going and she said that they are still together and having fun and she’s very happy. She said Aaron is in Los Angeles and she said its kind of funny because now that they are together they’re more busy and whenever she goes back to LA he has to leave and vice versa, but nonetheless she said their both happy… and as Chris K said she’s still glowing… blushing. That’s it I recorded the interview too.

Oh! It was cute when they were all like she’s glowing and she was like “yeah…stop it…I’m very happy!” Then they were like wait… you can do like the Justin and Christina thing… you have an album coming out right? Wouldn’t it be cool if.. you and Aaron do a tour… and she was like yeah right! That would be totally cool… yeah great idea. I thought that was a cool thing… and then Chris K was like but not exactly like Justin or Christina tour.. .and she was oh NO… not like that.

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