Hilary Duff Shopping For New York City Apartment

The New York Post reports that went unrecognized by an apartment supervisor while house hunting in Chelsea the other day with a sizeable entourage. “Once [Duff] got inside, she looked around the place for 25 minutes,” a source revealed. “Then she asked the super about shopping in the area and left with her broker.”

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2 thoughts on “Hilary Duff Shopping For New York City Apartment

  1. ihatehilary says:

    away from Joel in LA?

    on a serious note, is shopping all that twit does?? it’s all her and Joel do. oh, maybe they’re moving in together!

  2. astrange1 says:

    This is for all her “good friends.”

    They probably have a great time shopping together for makeup…’, ‘shops in NYC are stocking up on eyeliner.

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