Hilary Duff Shops In Richmond

The Richmond Times Dispatch reports that before her concert in Richmond last week, did some shopping in the city. The teen queen spent part of the afternoon at the Short Pump Town Center, where she shopped at Soak!, the locally owned bath and beauty boutique. Duff tried on makeup and tested products, store officials say, before buying a Vanilla Chi soy candle made by Soak! and coconut-banana body soap from Fresh Market.

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11 thoughts on “Hilary Duff Shops In Richmond

  1. popstar says:

    I would have seen Hilary, but I chose to see Kelly in Norfolk.

  2. ihatehilary says:

    good choice.’, ‘considering your only options. I’m choosing to see warped, and twisted isn’t!

  3. popstar says:

    I like Hilary Duff’s music, but Kelly is a better performer live than Hilary is live. I mean, Hilary was bragging they have a light show. That’s nice. IF I WAS 5!

  4. ihatehilary says:

    yeah, I know what you mean. and Hilary doesn’t even have confetti in her shows anymore! :(

  5. popstar says:

    no that’s a good thing. maybe if we take away all her special effects we won’t be paying $40 for someone to throw paper at us & shine lights in our eyes like we’re on ecstacy (sp) & she’ll actually sing.

  6. alyssa_prosdocimo says:

    MusicMan….Im part of a Hilary Duff site and I come here frequently to get news on her. But I must know, how do you find all this info so fast? I search other fansites and google it, but u always have news first.

  7. RobScott says:

    I saw Hilary tonight in concert, and I had a surprisingly very good time.

  8. lilsongwritergal says:

    Short Pump town for short girl. Whats with this 5’2″ fad? Its gay. Hilary Duff 5’2″ Avril Lavigne 5’2″ Fergie from bep 5’2″ Kelly clarkson 5’2″ Keisha Chante 5’2″ All the people I don’t like are 5’2″. Well, Kelly Clarkson is ok though. It’s like some funny new trend to be the height that most people are when they are 12 years old. Hahhah Im 5’7″. I love it. =)

  9. ihatehilary says:

    hey, I’m even shorter. so watch it! benji and Joel are 5’2 too!!! hahaha, midgets suck!

    ask popstar.’, ‘she sends it ALL in.

  10. lilsongwritergal says:

    Ya, but I like you. And you don’t follow gay Hilary fads. Benji is 5’7″ like me. Hehehe. So is Ashlee simpson. All the cool people are. You are on my cool people list to.

  11. ihatehilary says:

    benji SAYS he is 5’7. but I’m pretty sure that’s with his creepers on. cuz everytime i’ve seen him, I’m only an inch or so shorter. and joel, the boy likes to pretend he’s even taller than benji, but an inch is no big deal joel. not even in your d.ick, cuz I’m sure that’s the same as benji’s. but yeah, everytime I see them, I always think they’re teenagers aside of me. Joel follows the gay Hilary fad. so does twisted!!! you’re on my cool people list too. twisted is not!!

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