Hilary Duff Sunk After Lip Synch Stunk?

Netscape Music had Hilary Duff’s Sessions@AOL performance of ‘So Yesterday’ and her interview, since removed. While Duff says the album is an opportunity for fans to see the real Hilary, the young singer is facing criticism for what appears to be her doing a poor job of lip-synching a performance backed by a live band.

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10 thoughts on “Hilary Duff Sunk After Lip Synch Stunk?

  1. Riddle_Jones says:

    Figures, she does a lot of lip-synching. When she was on “Movie Surfers” she lip-synched there too. I wonder why she lip-synchs so much? She probably isn’t good at singing then.

  2. babet says:

    usually you wouldn’t lip synch a song like that….. why get into this if you’re never gonna sing live?

  3. Riddle_Jones says:

    agreed, but the video isn’t working for me, anyone know where else I can see it?

    it’s not working for me! So I can’t really tell if she is or isn’t, but on other boards a lot of people were commenting on how it looked like she was. Who knows

  4. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Ok, so maybe my computer is jacking up on me, but if EVERYONE else is seeing what I’M seeing, it’s just a jacked up video they are playing….. I’m not saying she DIDN’T lip sync, cause the music, not just the lead vocals, sound too pure to be live…. But from what I’ve seen, and like I said, it could be just MY computer, it could have been bad post production on THEIR part.

  5. ash6969 says:

    We have enough no-talent pop tarts already Hilly baby. Look to Avril as your role model, not Titney and ho-tina

  6. mjhbabyblue says:

    The music is being played over the video. None of the instruments match the song being played. It appears that they placed a recorded song over the video. So no need to jump to harsh conclusions about lip-synching.

  7. Stallion says:

    I’m not going to lie I like the song. I feel bad for Hilary Duff because she is a sweet girl but people are going to bash on her so badly because she Lip sync and she will probably remind people of other pop star that they hate. Oh well Hilary you are ok in your book. I’m sure that you won’t let haters get to you.

    If she didn’t Lip Synch than I’m pretty sure that she would win over a bigger crowd. One reason people are not going to like her or the song is because she lip sync or they are confuse that she is not the real deal. But if she does become successful which I’m sure she will be than it will because people like the music. I’m not going to lie the song is pretty cool. I wonder if the Matrix did that one.

  8. crazystuff129 says:

    hmm..thats interesting….when she sung “I can’t wait” or So Yesterday..some of those words that she is singing ..doesn’t even sound like her…She’s seems like a really nice person but her song is alright but she can’t sing..she should just quit it..and stick with acting that’s her call

  9. www-dirrty-rocks-it says:

    she should definitely stick wit acting… or at least learn from Britney spears on lip syncing LOL! throwing in a few ‘ow!’ lmao really, she shouldn’t lip synch, it just ruins u, you do it once, you do it forever .. j.k but I really like the verses of the song…the chorus is completely off…meh its just me lol

  10. JenJen84 says:

    I didn’t even know she sings, lol. People around here (in Europe) know her only as a kid from Lizzie Maguire… :P

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