Hilary Duff: Sweet And Rich

Star magazine profiled Hollywood’s rich kids including Hilary Duff, who is raking in the millions. A stylist who has worked with the teen sensation said, “She’s more of a teenager than the Olsens. She’s giggly and animated. She made her mom go out and get her Chicken McNuggets instead of eating the catered lunch.” Another source adds that the money hasn’t gotten to her head thanks in large part to her mother. “Hilary isn’t aware of all the money she’s really making,” the source explained. “Her mother, Susan, doesn’t want her to be burdened by it.” As for her romance with Aaron Carter, Duff insists they were “just dating” and added, “We went to the movies. It was innocent.”

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One thought on “Hilary Duff: Sweet And Rich

  1. Danisha says:

    Susan is an overbearing joke. Hilary will be lucky if she has half a mill left by the time she’s 18. She should be watching her cheddar with a crazy ass mama like that one! lol

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