Hilary Duff Takes Tour To Latin America

checked in with fans at AOL’s KOL service on Thursday (May 18). “It feels like I just got home from Europe and I’m already off to Latin America for another tour,” she writes. “I am hitting a lot of places in a short time, which gets to be very tiring, but it is totally worth it. I love singing for my fans. Today I’m off to Mexico and then to Panama, Argentina, Brazil, Columbia and Guatemala. So much great music and dance moves come from Latin America, so it should be a lot of Since the water is warmer down there than the Pacific, I’ll also try to do some swimming at the beach. I’ll keep you updated on the tour. Look forward to seeing you at my concerts!”

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One thought on “Hilary Duff Takes Tour To Latin America

  1. Carlos says:

    What happened with the tour? I’m waiting since 2005..!!!! here in Guatemala… please… can someone give an answer??

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