Hilary Duff Talks About Joel Madden, Lindsay & More

phoned into the Jackie & Bender show on KISS 106.1 in Seattle on Monday (August 2). Duff talked about her tour with sister Haylie, the items she likes to travel with, and all the talk about her dating Joel Madden from Good Charlotte. She insisted they were “just friends” and didn’t understand what canoodling was but insisted while she thinks Joel is cute, they haven’t done any canoodling, but that didn’t stop Bender from teasing her about it throughout the interview. Duff then addressed the gossip about Lindsay Lohan — which she said Lindsay made up, and how her friends think she’s crazy for wanting to stay at home when she has time off. Hilary also talked about wrecking her new Range Rover going into her garage. As for talk of jealousy from her older sister, Hilary insisted there is none and said she was an amazing songwriter. Asked who she would date in Hollywood, Duff said John Mayer, who Hilary said was “really cute and really nice”. The interview has since been removed from KISS1061.com.

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