Hilary Duff Talks ‘Greta’, Britney, Weight & Work

Hilary Duff sits down for an interview about her movie 'Greta' and pop peer Britney SpearsActress and singer sat down with ‘Access Hollywood’ correspondent Maria Menounos to discuss her new film ‘Greta’, where the 20-year-old plays a waitress who falls for an ambitious cook at the restaurant where they work. Duff also shared her thoughts on Britney Spears, dealing with gossip about her weight fluctuations, and how she juggles her various projects.

“I never sit around and think, oh gosh, in a year this could happen to me or something,” Duff said about the drama surrounding pop star Britney Spears. “I think that she has a very unique situation and it’s tough, you know. So much attention on one person. I do sympathize with her, but I don’t relate.”

As to how she deals with all the attention and pressure for issues like weight loss, Hilary said, “It’s funny, they said before, she’s gained weight. Then I lose weight, and it’s oh my gosh, she’s lost too much weight. I think they know more about me than I know about me sometimes. They notice someone’s gained 3 pounds, someone’s lost 10 pounds… I think you just laugh about it and you don’t let it effect you. It’s easier said than done, definitely, because it hurts your feelings and it gets to you. We’re just human, so when the whole world is focusing in on if someone doesn’t like your outfit or you have a breakout on your face, it’s just attention in all the wrong places. It’s really negative and I guess it’s best to just avoid it and make yourself happy, which is tough sometimes.”

Watch the ‘Greta’ and personal segments via AccessHollywood.com below the cut.

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