Hilary Duff: The Star

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Hils (as diehard fans know Hilary Duff) is busy. Busy like no other 10th-grader, At least now she can drive herself to appointments, interviews, tapings, photo shoots, and (yuck) crusty meetings. Even when you’re 15-going-on-16, there are lots of meetings, especially after a certain small detail surfaces in the new that the beloved Lizzie McGuire— the TV girl every real girl could relate to, the girl whose show has won two consecutive Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards— has officially called it quits.

You’ve heard the gossip,right? Hilary bailed. Hilary wanted way too much money. Hilary doesn’t care about her fans. Hilary this. Hilary that. All of it is ugly. But is any of it true?

Hilary the Girl is a happy, smart teenager from Houston, with a caring mom and dad who taught her loving manners. She worked hard to get where she is, starting as a ballerina in a production of the ‘Nutcracker’ when she was in elementary school. She has acting lessions, voice lessions and, like you, toomuch home work. She chills out bye jumping and tumbling on the trampoline in her backyard, or just listening to loud music. She’s super active with the charity organization Kids With a Cause, and does great stuff like visiting sick kids in hospitals to paint with them. Now does that sound like a ruthless teen diva?

After we posed a bunch of quetions to bait Hilary into dishing, not only did she refuse to talk one second of trash about even dumb stuff like which actor boys she’s met maybe dorky in real life, she made it clear she would never dump on “Lizzie McGuire.” For one she digs Lizzie. It made her. But mostly, she’s in love with you guys, the fans she talks constantly talks about with an adult-like sence of responsibility. She know Lizzie is important to you. In the two mornings she spent with us, Hilary proved all the gossip to be what gossip usually is: total garbage.

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