Hilary Duff Discusses Paparazzi With Phoenix’s KISS 104.7

was in studio with Johnjay and Rich of KISS 104.7 in Phoenix on Friday (February 2) to promote her new single ‘With Love’. Duff discussed dealing with the paparazzi, why she lashed out at them the other day, and much more.

Asked if there’s anywhere she can go without cameras, Duff said, “In LA I can definitely go places. I just kinda have to be smart. They all know where I live and they wait outside of my house. I don’t get it as bad as everyone else because I don’t want it. I don’t really do things that get as much attention as everyone else does.”

Talking about a particularly rude moment with the paps, Duff revealed, “Normally when I know that they’re following me, I don’t be rude. I’ll just do my thing. Keep walking or whatever. I got some really bad news that someone in my family had passed away. I was coming out of my mom’s house and crying and walking with my sister. We just got horrible news, you know. Not that they know what’s going on, but we obviously looked upset and sad about something. They were taking pictures and I was like go away. I was crying all upset and trying to hide my face. It’s so unnatural.”

The interview audio at akamai.net has since been removed.

Watch some video footage of the appearance below.

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