Hilary Duff Visits ‘The Late Show’

was on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ on Wednesday night to promote her new film ‘A Cinderella Story’, which hits theaters on Friday. Duff also talked about getting her driver’s license, scratching up her giant SUV trying to get it into the garage, and hinted at her recent romance with Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden. Duff said when asked if she was dating: “No. I’m too busy working, and I’m always out of town and I don’t go to high school so how am I supposed to meet anybody normal? And the second that I meet somebody else, it’s like… the second I meet somebody that kind of like has the same job I have, everybody starts like criticizing it or talking about it, and it’s really hard.” Read on for a transcript.

Dave: Our first guest is a lovely young actress and singer staring
in the new film entitled a cinderella story, which opens on friday. Please
welcome hilary duff, everybody. ( Cheers and applause ) I was very worried
because i introduced you and you welcome back there, and I was told you
were stuck in the elevator.

Hilary: We were stuck in the elevator, there were so many people cramed
in there.

Dave: I’m very glad you finally made it safely.

Hilary: I’m glad too.

Dave: Welcome to the show.

Hilary: Thank you for having me.

Dave: And thanks for being nice to paul’s daughter.

Paul: A wonderful meet and greet.

Hilary: Actually, i did say that.

Paul: Oh, you did not. You’re nice. Hilary duff is nice.

Dave: Tell us all about yourself and will your career and how it began
and things like that. I find this fascinating. You were 16, and you’re
worth a lot of money, it’s amazing.

Hilary: Well, I’m from texas, and — ( applause ) and I have an older
sister named haley, she’s 19 and she wanted to be an actress and i always
thought the idea was kind of stupid at first.

Dave: To be an actress?

Hilary: Yeah, and just being in school plays and stuff like that, my
mom was supportive of everything we wanted to do and she would come home
and show me all these things, it was like oh my god i want to start doing
it so, we just kept going to acting classes and kept doing school plays,
and it kind of all happen from there. Then we moved back to houston and
met this lady that’s like come out here and give me this money and I’ll
have everything sets up for, of course we fell for it, and we got out there
and it was nothing having it was a big scam.

Dave: So she takes a lot of money and says she’ll set up, and you get
out there and there’s nothing?

Hilary: Nothing. There was a bunch of other families she did it to.
And they went home. And my sister and I wanted to do it so bad, we auditioned,
we fell in love with it.

Dave: How soon after that first days appointment did you have something
that was really exciting?

Hilary: Haley booked the first commercial she went out on, we were like
this is easy, we would book commercials, and after a while you don’t get
anything, you sit there for two years waiting around. I was out there since
i was like nine and i booked lizzie maguire when i was twelve.

Dave: Well, three years is a pretty short time really in terms of makin
it wig. What happened to this evil creepy woman?

Hilary: I don’t know.

Dave: Is she still around, was she arrested?

Hilary: I don’t know.

Dave: Did you call the police?

Hilary: No, dave.

Dave: You’ve been a victim of fraud.

Hilary: Should we call the police right now.

Dave: We’ll talk about it after the show and we’ll turn the show biz
police on her. And then the lizzie maguire is a huge people love it, don’t
they, and tell us about that. That’s you and your friends in school and
all your activities.

Hilary: It’s basically, I’m finished with the show, but i did it about
two years ago, i think we stopped tiping it, but it was a great story,
she was like a normal girl that everybody could relate to and it was really
funny, really cute.

Dave: Tell me about your schooling now, are you in school now, you gotta
be in school?

Hilary: Well, since, when we came out to california, i started home
schooling which is in the middle of fourth grade, so I’ve had a tutor up
until then, and i got my high school diploma test about two months ago,
and i passed it. So I’m free right now. ( Applause ) you know what’s funny?
When you’re not having someone like make you learn stuff, you want to learn,
like now i don’t have a tutor like cramming stuff in my brain and I want
to go out to a book for and buy all these books and re: Them.

Dave: So you have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. That will serve
you well in life. Did you get a high quality education?

Hilary: Well, I think I did.

Dave: Like i was home schooled.

Hilary: You were? ( Laughter ) how was that for you, dave?

Dave: Well, it was all right. It was all right. Do you drive, are you
old enough to drive?

Hilary: Yes, i got my license five months ago.

Hilary: Dav do you think 16 is too young to be able to drive a car?

Hilary: You’re talking to a 16-year-old, are you kidding me.

Dave: When I was 16 i thought it was just about right.

Hilary: Now you don’t think it’s –.

Dave: I just don’t know. Are you comfortable behind the wheel?

Hilary: Yeah.

Dave: Where do you do your driving?

Hilary: In los angeles.

Dave: It’s crazy out there.

Hilary: It’s crazy out here.

Dave: There’s no place to go out here. Cat least in california, once
you’re in the city you’re stuck, you’re here. But I remember when I was
kid and i got my license, the first opportunity i had to drive without
my family, the first thing I did was go as fast as I could,. Now, did you
do that?

Hilary: No, because I’m scared I’ll get a ticket, because if i get a
ticket I’ll get in trouble with my parents.

Dave: But every kid wants to just get in the car and go as fast as they

Hilary: I was so excited, i didn’t even get my license on my birthday
because i was out of town filming a movie. So finally when i got it i was
like really ready and I’ve been driving a lot, then the first time I was
in the car without anybody telling me watch out, i was nervous. But now
I’m like crazy driver like really good. Hi an accident the other day, though.
But it didn’t involve anybody else, it was in my driveway.

Dave: Did you hit like a fence or something.

Hilary: I have a black car, so it gets really dirty, so my mom makes
me mull my car in the garage, but her car is in there too, and it’s a tight
squeeze, so I’m pulling in one night and it was dark, and hour house is
white, so i pull in and i scrape my mirror on the side of the door, and
i was like what’s that noise, and i just kept going, so now i have white
stripes all the way down the side of my car. And what do i do the next
morning when I was backing off, i took my mirror off.

Dave: You gotta be very kaurns. But I think you’ve learned a valuable
lesson because you now know that you have to always be on serve ant, constantly
vigilant, and that’s how you’ll drive from now on?

Hilary: I think so. That scratching noise haunts me.

Dave: It could have been the neighbor lady. Now, you’re 16, so you can
date, you can’t date.

Hilary: I can date. My parents would let me date.

Dave: Do you go out on dates and stuff?

Hilary: No. I’m too busy working, and I’m always out of town and i don’t
go to high school so how am i supposed to meet anybody normal. And the
second that i meet somebody else, it’s like… the second i meet somebody
that kind of like has the same job I have, everybody starts like criticizing
it or talking about it, and it’s really hard.

Dave: It’s actually hard to have a normal teen-age life, is what you’re

Hilary: I think so. I feel like a normal teenager, but very a bit of
a crazy job.

Dave: Are there boys that you have like a crush on or something, just
have a crush on a guy, right?

Hilary: Yeah, I can.

Dave: Like anybody we know? See this is exactly what you’re talking
about, you don’t like this part of what everybody wants to know. Well,
i won’tle barrels you any more.

Hilary: I’m trying to think of, i don’t have a crush on anybody like
my age that i could actually date. I like matthew mccounty a hi, but he’s
too old and taken.

Dave: How hold is he.

Hilary: He’s like 30 something, i think. And that’s so old. ( Applause

Dave: Very to take my medicine. Let’s talk about the cinderella story.
And it is literally a cinderella story, it’s about a girl who is mistreat
bid her evil stepmother and has to work ask scrub, and one meese a handsome
prince, that kind of thing?

Hilary: Basically, it is the cinderella story that everybody knows but
it’s updated and all mod skpern all the characters have a twist to it.
One thing i like bit is if you watch the story, the girl sits back and
waits everything to fall into place. This girl even though she’s like an
under sdporg she’s been torn down and all this stuff, she still sets goals
for herself. Then the guy comes, which is a good perk.

Dave: The guy in this film is who?

Hilary: Chad michael murray.

Dave: How did you get along with him?

Hilary: Great, he’s awesome. I just ran into him on the street today

Dave: Did you have a little crush on him?

Hilary: Dave, I’m not going to tell you that.

Dave: Okay. What was he shopping for?

Hilary: I don’t know. I didn’t ask him. I’m shopping for makeup. But
he had a anything e bag, maybe he’s obsessed with tennis shoes and stuff.

Dave: There’s any chance he was shopping for makeup?

Hilary: I don’t know, i can call and ask him for you.

Dave: That may not be a good seen. All right. What? I’m just trying
to help paul daul dude! Don’t go there, due!

Dave: All right. Do you know what we’re going to see here?

Hilary: I’m not sure.

Dave: It’s from the movie, a cinderella story, which opens on friday.
Take a look.

Hilary: I’m a straight a student, which work seven days a week and I’m
taking extra achl P. Classes, i never ask you for anything. Please let
me go to this dance.

Hilary: Sweetheart, now that you’re old enough, there’s something I’ve
always wanted to tell you and i think you’re ready to hear it. You’re not
very pretty, and you’re not very bright. I’m so glad we had that talk.

Dave: Very funny, very funny ( applause ) well, i hope you have a nice

Hilary: Thank you.

Dave: You have some time off this summer?

Hilary: No, I’m touring for two months this summer with my sister.

Dave: Singing and stuff?

Hilary: Yeah.

Dave: Good for you. The next time you have some time often come back
and see us. Pleasure meeting you. Hilary duff, ladies and gentlemen. We’ll
be right back with jonathan ames.

Dave: Wasn’t she wonderful, hilary duff.

Paul: Sure was.

Dave: 16 years old. When you were 16 can did you know girls like that.

Paul: No way.

Dave: I did, i knew girls like that, it did me no good, but i knew them.

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