Hilary Duff’s Latest Includes Lindsay Lohan Diss

'Hilary Duff' album cover

Jeannette Walls of MSNBC.com reports that has included a diss track on her just-released self-titled album entitled ‘Haters’, which is aimed primarily at Lindsay Lohan. “Hilary thinks that Lindsay has been directing negativity at her for too long,” an insider revealed. Read more.

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10 thoughts on “Hilary Duff’s Latest Includes Lindsay Lohan Diss

  1. YeahWhat says:

    It’s funny how people on this website get mad at Hilary Duff or any artist who says a negative comment or says anything negative in a song about another artist. Yet, the same people who post on this website are always making negative comments on every artist themselves. Seems like a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.

  2. MissBeehaven says:

    Oh Please! Hilary Duff could not bust a grape in a fruit fight!

  3. JLOVER101 says:

    I have no reason to be jealous of Hilary Duff. None at all. The purpose’, ‘of this site is to read the articles, and make comments about them. Thus the reason there is a post comments button under every article. If our comments are negative or positive it doesn’t matter, point is you’re on the wrong site if you don’t want to see negativity.

  4. YeahWhat says:

    Now you are just putting words in my mouth’, ‘I never said I didn’t want to see the negativity on this website. I simply said it was funny how people get mad at artists for being negative towards other artists, yet the same people are negative towards artists themselves. You both do the same, so what’s the point in getting mad? That’s what I said.

  5. JLOVER101 says:

    Still, your comment is unfounded though. We’re using a forum that thrives on that’, ‘ideal, they’re using songs, and magazines and things like that (which is fine) but not when you’re Hilary Duff. Let me explain, if she was to sing whatever about Lindsay, and then in an interview she was asked about her and she said ‘Yeah, I can’t stand her” then fine. She speaks her mind. However, Hillary’s always trying to play dumb, and be like “I love Lindsay” “I want to be friends with her” “It’s all in the past” Yet, she’s still giving her fans more of the same, that’s pathetic.

  6. sushz0r says:

    they both need to grow up and didn’t Hilary say she just wants to be friends with lindsay all the damn time? this song really shows.

  7. Sweetnesz19 says:

    seriously this issue btw Duff and lohan is old.. she should stop trying to be MISS GOODIE GOODIE.

  8. allyouwanted says:

    you guys this source isn’t true. the song is about all the media as well, not just lindsay lohan. jeez lol

  9. YeahWhat says:

    How is my comment unfounded? Sounds like yours is…’, ‘I was merely stating that I found this to be funny. That’s my opinion, just like your comments are your opinion. You don’t like her because you said she was lying and playing dumb, that’s fine. I didn’t try to establish any facts in my comment, I was doing just that…commenting.

  10. hilaryfan129 says:

    Yeah, it is all about Lindsay. They said it was going to be about the media/press but if you read the lyrics it’s clearly about one person, a girl (queen of superficiality) according to the song lyrics. And there is about the song Mr. James Dean that disses an ex-boyfriend…but if you listen to the song it doesn’t really relate to Aaron Carter so it’s about another guy (and I think I know who!). Anyways, I don’t think she should have made a negative song about Lindsay because people judge Hilary 10 times as hard as they do Lindsay. Even if Hilary just tries to defend herself, the press makes a huge deal of it. But they never talk about the things Lindsay has said and done to Hilary. Plus….the song isn’t that great, but I LOVE the song “Who’s that girl?” and “Weird”.

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