Hilary Duff’s Mom Suspected Lindsay Lohan Egging

The New York Post reports Hilary Duff’s mother Susan thought had egged her daughter’s car, prompting their angry behavior towards the rival tween queen actress at the premiere of ‘Cheaper By The Dozen’. Several weeks before the premiere, Duff’s black Range Rover had been egged outside her Hollywood home and “people told Susan that Lindsay did it,” an insider explained. “Susan is very protective of Hilary and didn’t want Lindsay anywhere near her.” But Leslie Sloane Zelnik, a rep for Lohan insisted, “Lindsay wasn’t even in town when that happened. She has been in Canada shooting her starring role in Lorne Michaels’ ‘Mean Girls’.”

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7 thoughts on “Hilary Duff’s Mom Suspected Lindsay Lohan Egging

  1. stallion says:

    I’ve never heard of Lindsay Lohan how did this who rival start between these two teen

  2. jlofan says:

    I think it could have been her,they’ve been battling a lot since they both became famous

    It all started when Hilary went out with Aaron Carter then after they broke up,he started to go out with Lindsay and then he left her to go back with Hilary,or something like that

  3. getalifeyall says:

    Actually, only Lindsay has been harassing Hilary. Kind of like only Christina has been harassing Britney up until the Blender article where Britney finally stood up for herself. I don’t expect Hilary to do the same because she’s young and sweet and knows when to close her mouth.

  4. LiLGrrl3369 says:

    haha wow, I know you hear about how celebrities are just like us, but it’s still weird to hear about them doing normal teenage things like egging cars. Of course I’m sure they were top-notch eggs from free-range prize hens and they were thrown from an escalade, but no matter :D

  5. lily88 says:

    omg if it was arron that was 2 timing them, why they gotta take it out on each other. this is just stupid.

  6. AvrilRocks says:

    its not normal to throw eggs at cars. have you no class whatsoever?id be ashamed.

  7. MoToMaMa says:

    This is pretty stupid. These girls are fighting over something that happened with a little boyfriend drama. That still gives them no excuse to be *****ing at each other. I am not really a fan of either one these girls, but enough is enough. Ladies, grow up!

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