Hilary Duff’s San Remo Festival Review

checked in with fans on her blog at AOL’s KOL service on Wednesday (March 15). Duff writes, “I just got back from doing a promotional tour throughout England, France, Italy and Spain. It all began at the San Remo Festival in Italy. San Remo is a cute little beach town, part of the Italian Riviera. This festival happens around the beginning of Carnivale, a holiday where children dress up in costumes and parade through their neighborhoods. It’s sort of like Halloween. Then of course, there was a huge concert with lots of artists. opened the show with a hot, hot, hot performance! Other performers were and Simple Plan. The setting of music near the beach was amazing. I had a great time. My favorite city on this tour was Nice, France. I felt like I could go there with my friends and just kick back for a few weeks. I will be back on tour in the UK from April 18 to May 10th, so you can check out my tour schedule on www.hilaryduff.com.”

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