Hilary Duff’s San Remo Festival Review

Hilary Duff checked in with fans on her blog at AOL’s KOL service on Wednesday (March 15). Duff writes, “I just got back from doing a promotional tour throughout England, France, Italy and Spain. It all began at the San Remo Festival in Italy. San Remo is a cute little beach town, part of the Italian Riviera. This festival happens around the beginning of Carnivale, a holiday where children dress up in costumes and parade through their neighborhoods. It’s sort of like Halloween. Then of course, there was a huge concert with lots of artists. Ricky Martin opened the show with a hot, hot, hot performance! Other performers were Pink and Simple Plan. The setting of music near the beach was amazing. I had a great time. My favorite city on this tour was Nice, France. I felt like I could go there with my friends and just kick back for a few weeks. I will be back on tour in the UK from April 18 to May 10th, so you can check out my tour schedule on www.hilaryduff.com.”

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