Hilary Duff’s Sister Follows In Her Footsteps

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According to MTV News, Hilary Duff’s older sister, Haylie, is in the process of recording an album of her own. Though she’s co-written with her sister in the past, and she said she will again in about a month, Haylie’s music is also markedly different from Hilary’s. “When I’m writing for myself I don’t censor myself as much, just because I’m a little bit older,” said Haylie, who turns 19 next month, “so I can say some things she can’t and be a little edgier. As far as my musical style, it’s a lot of everything,” she revealed, adding that she’s planning a “sister tour” with Hilary for the summer. “There’s some acoustic stuff, but then there’s some old-school Courtney Love-sounding stuff. I don’t want my album to be just one style.” There is currently no release date or title for Haylie’s album. Read more.

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