Hilary Duff’s Boyfriend Makes Lindsay Lohan’s Little Brother Cry

Hilary Duff’s boyfriend Joel Madden of Good Charlotte made rival teen queen Lindsay Lohan’s little brother cry at last Friday’s Z100 Jingle Ball. Told that one boy was Lohan’s brother, Duff whispered to Madden, who snapped: “Get me your mother!” When Dina got to the dressing room, Madden told her: “Until your daughter publicly apologizes to [Hilary], you’re not getting any autographs!” The spy revealed, “Cody started crying, he was so upset. Dina was just appalled.”

Warns Men With Bikes To Stay Away

ContactMusic.com reports that says if a man wants to date her, he’ll need a vehicle with four wheels. “I like cars, but I’m not gonna say: ‘Oh my God, if you have a bad car I’m not gonna date you.’ That’s not very normal,” Lindsay explained. “Your car can be good or bad. It shouldn’t make a difference. Although if you show up on like a little scooter or something that’s not working for me. Like in ‘Alfie’, Jude Law’s riding around on that Vespa – that doesn’t work for me… I’d be like: ‘Let’s take a cab.’ I’d be afraid I was gonna fall off. I’m concerned about my health before dating the guy.”

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7 thoughts on “Hilary Duff’s Boyfriend Makes Lindsay Lohan’s Little Brother Cry

  1. JuniorGirl04 says:

    If it’s true then he’s not only a sick mofo (she was 16 when they started dating and he’s 25), but a mean bastard. Whatever is between Hilary and Lindsay is between them, not Joel and Lindsay and certainly not between Joel and Lindsay’s little brother, who is one of the “fans” that Good Charlotte “values” so much. Add to it that that kind of behavior is beyond juvenile. He makes me sick.

  2. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    GOOD!! I’m glad someone is finally defending Hilary in all of that….even though it’s a bit cruel and unprofessional doing it the way he did! Lindsay Lohan has acted very immaturely from the beginning and it’s pathetic. I’m glad to see this!

  3. pdisfullofidiots says:

    no it is NOT mean or childish. it is bull*****. the whole story. or did you all forget about the last hilary/joel story that was posted on here about them “breaking up” when they were never even dating that you all believed like the word of god? grow up. no better yet, grow brains.

  4. JLo_Lover says:

    a) I don’t believe this b) F**k Hilary and Joel c) Shows how Hilary and her boyfriend are the same, there both rude and think there better than everyone else !

  5. JuniorGirl04 says:

    Lindsay’s little brother hasn’t done anything to Hilary and taking it out on him is immature and pathetic. Also, Hilary is a big girl (big enough to date a 25 year old), so she shouldn’t need someone to “stick up for her.” Besides…I thought she was taking the high road? Welcome to the gutter

  6. averageanything says:

    This is ridiculous. All of this sounds so stupid. No one even knows if they are actually dating. I doubt any of this is true… IF..big…HUGE…IF…I agree, and disagree with it at the same time. Yes, it should be left between Hilary and Lindsay, but those two can’t do anything together. They are too big rich babies…very childish people..so why not let someone else solve the damn thing for them. It wouldn’t hurt anything since they can’t do it for themselves. I do understand though that Joel made a mistake in taking his anger out on Lindsay’s little brother, but it’s not like any of us wouldn’t get pissed and accidentally say things we didn’t mean if we were in that same damn situation.

  7. Obiwan says:

    It’s just too easy to pollute the internet with garbage like this…….every site that puts crap like this out adds a little more each time to give it that authentic “insider” look……but it’s still the same crap wrapped in more layers of crap…….ooh Joel picked his nose, exclusive pics on our site……C’mon…..What is the world coming to ?

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