Hinckley: From Pop Star To Disaster

David Hinckley of The New York Daily News weighed in on the latest of bizarre moves, shaving her own head at a salon in Tarzana. Hinckley writes, “She needs a timeout and she wants it now, which in turn raises the real question: How did this $100 million star, this wholesome PG model for preteen girls, get from there to here? The short answer is that, like many of her fellow pop stars, Britney ended up patterning her career after a 6-year-old’s birthday party. To be fair, you can see the appeal. You run around with your friends, you get to eat all the cake you want, people give you more things than you can open. No one says, ‘No’, and it’s all about you. But Britney increasingly has taken this indulgence to levels previously more associated with ‘Girls Gone Wild’ videos.”

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