Holly Throsby’s ‘One Of You For Me’ Audio

posted a new single ‘One of You for Me’, from the forthcoming EP of the same name, on her Myspace. A bulletin sent out to fans says:

The song was written a few months ago on a small Casio keyboard. And it was recorded with Holly’s long-time band (Bree van Reyk on drums and Jens Birchall on double bass) in the Kangaroo Valley, at the new home of producer Tony Dupè. Holly played an ancient organ, an odd horn section was roused for the chorus, and Bree percussed on old beer bottles and glassware. It is, surprisingly, quite buoyant. We hope you like it. The 6-track EP, the rest of which is quite slow and quiet (and which features singing by a special guest in one particular song), will be available in stores on July 28th. Details will follow shortly.

Listen to the track at YouTube.

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