Holly Valance Never Wanted To Be Famous

Although Holly Valance’s new album ‘State Of Mind’ sounds as though it has been trapped in the VIP section of a hip nightclub, Valance enjoys nothing more than staying at home in Bayswater, in west London, cooking lamb and hosting dinner parties – “anything Greek – with red wine.” She tells Living Abroad Magazine, “I’m pretty low-profile. I can’t go to bars and stumble out in a mini-skirt like other teenagers. I find myself followed by fans and paparazzi. I never wanted to be famous… What is so interesting about me buying a pint of milk?”

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2 thoughts on “Holly Valance Never Wanted To Be Famous

  1. Tina31182 says:

    For someone who didn’t want to be famous then why was she naked in her first video. If that wasn’t a plea for people to pay attention to her I don’t know what is. If the paparazzi is so bad then stop making records and stay home or at least develop a sense of humor about it. Celebrities need to hear that they can’t have it both ways. If you want to be in show business you are in the public eye and like all things in life it comes with the good (money, houses, cars) and the bad (no privacy). Bottom line: you know what your getting into nowadays so stop complaining.

  2. ok says:

    If I had a pound for each celebrity who announced they never wanted to be famous I would be bloody rich!! LOL!! I agree she should have never become a pop star and she should of come to London to study or something instead of prance around a stage!!!! shut up holly no one feels sorry for you!

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