Holly Valance No Fan Of Britain

The Mirror reports that Australian singer hasn’t taken to England since she’s moved there in a bid to launch her pop career. “People can be so bitter and twisted. It’s something that runs rife in this country and I don’t understand it,” says the 20-year-old former ‘Neighbours’ star. “I’ve travelled the world many times and I’ve only noticed a sort of negative streak in London. I’m half-British myself but there is a real bitter circle. Everyone is capable of being lovely but a lot of people can’t see the good in things. It will backfire one day and something really terrible will happen.”

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3 thoughts on “Holly Valance No Fan Of Britain

  1. Connection says:

    Holly needs to be a bit nicer to her British fans, seeing as this is where she gets all her money from and her new album is out this week! Bad PR Holly!

  2. right_wing says:

    If she hates it so much why doesn’t she just move home? oh that’s right it would stuff up her ‘career’ and who needs happiness when you can have fame right?

  3. youhavenoidea says:

    This is what happens when you let stupid pop tarts think for themselves…they manage to make complete arses of themselves. what a good way to get the British public to buy your record Holly guess we’ll all see you back in Ramsey street soon then!

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