Holly Valance Plots ‘Grittier’ Film Career

Japan Today caught up with who revealed she has an interest in jumping from a recording career to movies. “I think the key to longevity is to be brave enough to try new genres,” Valance said. “It’s easy to be caught up in the safety net of what’s working now. I don’t know yet how I’ll evolve, but I want to do a film next.” That has been a risky move for other singers – Madonna, Mariah Carey and have all failed to hit the big time on the big screen. “I think the reason many singers don’t make the transition to the big screen is because they take easy roles in which they look great in every scene, being the cool chick,” Valance explained. “I want to do something grittier. I’d rather play a homeless junkie than be in some Cinderella story. You can see that in a photo shoot. I read about two or three scripts a week, but they are nice girl roles from people who saw me in ‘Neighbours’. Not that I mind the show. I’m proud of it and it was a blessing. You have to start somewhere. Even Russell Crowe was on it and he’s not doing too badly.”

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2 thoughts on “Holly Valance Plots ‘Grittier’ Film Career

  1. hellahooked says:

    That’s where she belongs, leave the music biz alone. She’s a good actress, seeing as she was a hit in ‘Neighbours’.

  2. monarc20 says:

    I agree with her, but let’s remember that Mariah’s “Glitter” was wrecked by the Director. Mariah wanted to do a really grittie Film and she had a whole other concept but the Director changed everything around. That’s why Mariah did “WiseGirl’s” which was a really grittie Movie and got great review’s. To bad they didn’t shelf “Glitter” and Release “WiseGirl’s” to theater’s instead. If you want to check out “WiseGirl’s” you can buy or rent it on DVD they are also playing it on HBO.

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