Hollywood’s Hot Young Babes Hooked On Coke?

A blind item in The New York Post asks, “Which young Tinseltown temptresses can’t seem to resist the lure of Bolivian marching powder? We are hearing so many reports these days of pretty young things dabbling in disco dust that we’ve made a list, which includes: a model, supposedly free of her drug woes, back on the powder, doing lines at Teddy’s in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel; a stick-thin celebrity, going through a rough time, who is turning to blow for comfort; a soon-to-be single sweetheart being turned on to the drug by her new Hollywood pals; and a social climber who is friend/supplier/fellow user to them all.”

Teen Band Idol At Gay Sauna

December 21, 2005 – A blind item in the new popbitch.com newsletter asks, “Which former teen-band idol copped off at a gay sauna last week with a rather cute rent boy?”

Split Singing Duo Get Hitched

October 30, 2005 – A blind item in the latest popbitch.com newsletter said, “This international singing duo may have split at the height of their success but both members have something to celebrate this year – weddings. One married his pop-star girlfriend this summer while the other has just got hitched to his boyfriend in London.”

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6 thoughts on “Hollywood’s Hot Young Babes Hooked On Coke?

  1. RPL10991 says:

    1. Kate Moss 2. Nicole Richie 3. Jessica Simpson 4. Paris Hilton!

  2. EveryoneSucks says:

    one of them is Kate Moss. another is Nicole Richie. not sure about the other two.

  3. Lava33 says:

    sounds like Hillary Duff, Nicole Ritchie, Lindsay Lohan and who knows who the last one is.

  4. QT_Pie says:

    1. model back on the powder- Kate Moss 2. stick-thin celeb- Nicole Ritchie 3. soon-to-be single sweetheart- Jessica Simpson (I’ll bet money on this one) 4. friend/supplier/fellow user- Lindsay Lohan

  5. malibu says:

    model user: Kate Moss…….know can someone please explain to me how a known addict can still have custody of their child? stick thin celebrity going through a rough time….: Nicole Richie or Lindsay Lohan?? single sweetheart: Jessica Simpson social climber: Paris Hilton hopefully these idiots will grow up an find healthy ways to deal with their woes like everyone else. not that drugs should be taken lightly, but coke is as easy to get a hold of as pot, and way cheaper than most people think……not like the people above really have money problems! LOL

  6. Potrzebie says:

    Has Nicole Richie been “going through a rough time”? I would think the “stick-thin celebrity, going through a rough time” describes Mary-Kate Olsen better.

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