Hollywood’s Most Stable Marriage

Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Thursday night, “Nick Lachey and announced they’re getting divorced. Yeah, I was thinking about it. First, there’s Brad and Jennifer. Now, Nick and Jessica. This means the most stable marriage in Hollywood is Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.”

Celebrates Break-up With A New Beemer

November 25, 2005 – Just before it was announced and Nick Lachey were separated, the ‘Dukes’ star purchased a new BMW for $40,000 before shopping at the store Curves in West Hollywood, California.

Jessica Simpson On Her Way Down

November 24, 2005 – Contributed Anonymously:

It is my opinion that Joe Simpson destroyed Jessica’s marriage and is on his way to destroy her life. She is going to be working her butt off to maintain her status, but she might never get married again because Joe is not going to have it. She is going to be one of those with a career and no personal life, plus she is way too much into being famous. I have lost all of my respect for her, especially after she lied for so long about her marriage, what was the point? She does whatever she is told. She is nothing but a puppet and a liar. Poor girl!

Jessica Simpson Eyed For Pair Of Movie Roles

November 22, 2005 – Bill Zwecker of The Chicago Sun-Times hears that Jessica Simpson is a possible choice for the Bond Girl in the new ‘Casino Royale’ film, marking Daniel Craig’s first outing as 007. The singer also is reportedly negotiating to co-star with Dane Cook in ‘Employee of the Month’, where she would play the gorgeous new cashier at a discount superstore who excites all her male co-workers.

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4 thoughts on “Hollywood’s Most Stable Marriage

  1. jazzprofounder says:

    Why?? I know having the good looks is a plus in Hollywood, but c’mon, good looks doesn’t necessarily mean that she has talent in acting. After seeing her in Daisy Duke I don’t understand why anybody would be chasing after Jessica to be in a movie role.

  2. fpasko says:

    jazzprofounder, it shouldn’t be a mystery why people are after Jessica to be in their movies. It will make them money. Her role as Daisy Duke wasn’t great acting, but Dukes Of Hazzard still did pretty well at the box office. I think it made between $50-$60 million dollars. Not sure. Not too bad considering the acting talent and for being Jessica’s first major movie. It’s still very early in her movie career. Hopefully her acting skills get better.

  3. jazzprofounder says:

    I know, but Jessica had very little airtime in Dukes of Hazzard…’, ‘But you are right, obviously I think all the hype of Jessica being in that movie (even if she was just on there for like 15 mins) was what made people at least a bit curious to see it. Still, I think they can get somebody better to be in their movies and still make a lot of money. Jessica being in it alone isn’t always going to bring $60-80 million to the bank lol.

  4. Violet121179 says:

    I don’t mind if she’s in movies I don’t care about, but “Employee of the Month?” Dane Cook is in that, which means I might want to see it, which means that I hate her!

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