Honest Musings On Madonna’s Fall

Contributed by divinah:

It’s been almost a week since the supposedly near-fatal horse fall took place . . . and I’m really surprised at the deafening media silence about it. Is Madonna really that boring nowadays that the media didn’t create any frenzy about what happened to her? Or has Madonna become so much part of our lives that we now tend to ignore her as we ignore air and water? I don’t really think this accident will help improve the sales of her upcoming record. Judging by the media response (or lack of it) to her accident, I believe that the public will once again coldly receive or probably even snub “Confessions on a Dance Floor,” as it has ignored much of Madonna’s work and antics of late. If Madonna is wise as they say she is, now is the time for a graceful exit. But with all those career missteps and failures of late, that exit wouldn’t be so graceful. But for what it’s worth, at least she’s still big here on Popdirt.com. The posts and interactions have been boring lately as there’s not much stuff about her here.

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11 thoughts on “Honest Musings On Madonna’s Fall

  1. MusicTodayBlows says:

    That’s true, there wasn’t much of a media response’, ‘The media’s more concerned watching Britney’s every move.

  2. CharlotteNCusa says:

    From a Virgin, to Justify My Love, to Ray of Light, to Confessions’, ‘Madonna has definately endured a great career overall. Every great artist has had ups and downs, however endure over time: Elton John, Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Mariah, Cher, etc. Everyone of the artist I have mentioned that have had great peaks and some misses in their careers. However all of them certainly have enough talent, fans, creativity and drive to continuously maintain public interest. I hope that if this CD of hers flops like the last one, she will then realize that she makes MILLIONS on her tours and should stick to doing those only. Do tours and children books.

  3. MusicTodayBlows says:

    I agree’, ‘I think that Madonna has reached that stage like the Rolling Stones, Tina Turner, etc. where her tours will always do well because people love the old stuff, however any future albums she release probably won’t do as well as they did in the past. It happens to everyone sooner or later.

  4. AllAboutTheMusic says:

    divinah, I was wondering how long it would take you to start another’, ’round of Madonna bashings.

  5. weebongo says:

    There’s about a month and a half left till ‘Hung Up’ hits radio. The high anticipation for the song is very high, people are really looking forward to hearing a slamming new dance cut from M. When M said she was doing an all dance album people got super excited. No one does dance music as good as her from the time she hit the scene. Since the early 80’s she’s made more classic dance songs then any other artist so off course the world will be listening for her new track.

  6. divinah says:

    Not bragging or dissing, but Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together” is now on its 12th week reign at No. 1…and still going strong. MC may just yet beat herself out of the longest-running Number One Song feat, a feat which she holds via “One Sweet Day” (16 weeks at No.1). I dare ALL Madonna fans to help their idol beat these records, or at least give their idol a much-needed No.1. It’s been almost more than 5 years since your Madge have had a No. 1 hit. Or else TeamLamb (which I am NOT a part of and whose I totally reject) will be gloating for a good and valid reason. For the love of God, instead of counter-dissing me, buy Madona’s record. LOL

  7. JLOVER101 says:

    Not really because here come Bow Wow and Ciara the’ll be #1, with the hottest song’, ‘out right now within a couple of weeks.

  8. CELEBR8 says:

    I don’t know where everyone else lives but i’ve seen’, ‘plenty of media coverage regarding her fall. Plus..she is trying to keep a low profile til the release of the record, kinda a calm before the storm so to speak. As far as supporting her with sales, where were all the little LAMBS when Charmbraclet was released? Her fans didn’t support that album or the singles and that was off the heels of Glitter, another project not supported by her LAMBS, So what is the problem? Madonna takes risks with her music and the people she choses to work with, which ultimately means it will sink or swim when released. Atleast she tries new things and is willing to keep her audience entertained and guessing what is next instead of working with the same people all the time. If her fans didn’t support her, would she have the biggest grossing tour for a female ever with the ReInvention tour? But a question I ask the Lambs is, Why didn’t Mimi’s first week sales surpass Madonnas 460,000 +with Music? And AL did debut with 240,000 + not too far off from where Mariah debuted? I am Happy for Mariah and her “comback” with a song that caters to all the seashore crushes broken off cause of mean parents and back to school obligations but really….is the song gonna be timeless? No (IMHO) cause it’s pretty much dated, Vision of love will be played more than WBT in 20 yrs!

  9. Potrzebie says:

    Once you live somewhere for a number of years, would you start to speak more like the people around you? My brother moved to Australia 14 years ago, and although he sounds nothing like Crocodile Hunter, he says “shedule” whereas Americans say “skedule”, and has other changes in vocabulary and pronunciation.

  10. EdwardAlex says:

    Divinah give it up… Madonna is still around and isn’t going anywhere for a long time. She has had 20 plus years in this industry and I am sure she knows exactly how to approach her future. Just because you want her career to be over doesn’t by any means that its going to happen. Regarding the fall off the hoarse incident… every news magazine show, paper, and magazine are writing about it like a wild fire. I don’t know what po-dunk town you live in Divinah but it seems that everywhere else is quite concerned about her tumble

  11. Clara106 says:

    huh? what planet do you live on? madonna’s fall has gotten attention from every single new source there is. every news show I saw the day of the accident was talking about it, and the next day too, after she was released from the hospital. it was also mentioned wether or not the accident would impede on any promotion done for her upcoming album. I’m not sure how much you were expecting. I can understand if the fall had fatal injuries, or if she needed surgery but, she didnt. she was released from the hospital the same day and is expected to make a full recovery. also, I think its pretty ridiculous to say that she should “gracefully leave” just because you think she didn’t get enough coverage even though any sane, lucid person can see that she did. Madonna is a creative person, and I don’t think it would be that easy to just stop writing music and stop re-inventing herself after over 20 years in the business. even if her album doesn’t sell amazingly, her tour certainly will and she will still be the indisputed queen of pop music. also about the last sentence in your post:”The posts and interactions have been boring lately as there’s not much stuff about her here”. what do you expect? her album isn’t due out until november, the first single won’t debut until mid-october. right now, she is just putting the finishing touches on the album and just got finished with the photoshoot for the cover. she isn’t really doing much right now when it comes to the media and promotion. its still a few months off from when she starts doing interviews, magazine shoots, etc. even then, she has had her fair share of attention here at popdirt.com. just do a search on “madonna” and you will many articles about her new album. I think a little research would have helped in writing your “musings” because, you are really coming off as being stupid, and sheltered.

    because Britney can’t keep anything private, she is obsessed with…’, ‘people knowing about her every move and selling off as much of her “personal” life as she can. Madonna is a very private person, if she wanted to let the media in, she could and she could get alot of exposure that way but, she has something Britney doesnt: integrity. Madonna would rather get attention from something that counts. like an album, a new single, or one of her books. that’s the way it should be.

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