Hot Banditoz At 23 Nisan

At the 14th International Festival for Children ’23 Nisan’ in Berlin on Saturday (April 22), in front of the ‘Brandenburger Tor’, the popular German band Hot Banditoz performed their song ‘I Want It That Way’, a remake of the hit. The group expressed their concern about right-wing extremism and called for more humanity, calling for the politicians to start campaigns to better understand each other. Their music they say is a “melting-pot” of all cultures, colors, and ideas. They presented their frienship-bracelets FIFA WM 2006 which will be sold in an internet-auction to collect money for ‘6 Dörfer für 2006’. ‘SOS-Kinderdörfer’ is the organization which support poor children worldwide.

Footage of the performance and interview (in German) from has since been removed.

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