Hot Chelle Rae Debut Album Culled From Over 60 Songs

Hot Chelle Rae

Tatiana Diana of hung out with to chat about their debut album ‘Lovesick Electric’, the story behind their band name, growing up in a musical household, how their hometown Nashville is a great scene for rock bands, and more.

“All of our parents are musicians,” frontman Ryan Follesé said. “We kinda grew up in musican households and we never really pushed to do music, but when it’s constantly around you, you kind of absorb it and it just becomes a way of life.”

“We are super proud of it,” guitarist Nash Overstreet said of the band’s LP. “Since R.K. [Follese] and I met, we’ve been working on songs for it. Doing about 20 at a time, written 20 more, I think we got to 60 or 70 before we chose the 11 that are on it.”

Watch the interview below.

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4 thoughts on “Hot Chelle Rae Debut Album Culled From Over 60 Songs

  1. destiny! says:

    I love them! They’re amazing!
    *including in hotness!

  2. Margie says:

    hahaha I like TONIGHT TONIGHT (=

  3. ottakke scchuzzette says:

    all of you sing the “i like it like that group like Hot Chelle Rae(hcr)
    so beautiful new boys complete to me good luck you (ME) I am your biggest extra super fans hahaha! :)

  4. ottakke scchuzzette says:

    I’M dreaming what I say:( I wish to them to say a sugar coated hello) they are amazing!

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