How A Hater Thinks

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Yes, everyone can’t like Britney Spears, or Christina Aguilera, or Jennifer Lopez, or Avril Lavigne..face it, nobody in this world can be liked and respected by everyone.

There is something I see a lot of at I see immaturity, lack of intelligent reasoning and opinion and most of all, a lot of hate. People take things so stubbornly. If you are not a fan of Britney Spears, or or whoever it is…then why choose to try to persuade an actual fan to thinking and believing the way you do. By writing negative remarks and comments about someone you highly don’t admire, just shows you that you are tryin to cause tension and drama. That you are tryin to send out a message across people’s mind, tryin to change their minds on how to think about that person you dislike. It doesn’t work like that and it’s incredibly rude for you to do that to begin with. You dont call your statement an “opinion” when you are expressing yourself in full profanity and childish remarks. that is not an opinion. Why go onto forums and postboards to talk bad about someone you highly dislike, tryin to defend someone you admire. Dont you think that if you do not respect someone or if you’re not a fan of someone, you’d want to have nothing to do with them? But instead i’ve been seeing a lot of haters just acting like a true hater. they aren’t acting like a fan. a fan does not hate, a fan supports. but I don’t see very much of that here simply because people just want to take things lightly and make this site full of negativity and cruelty. what fan wants to read great news about their idol and then post a congrats comment when they come across many people who’s comments are full of profanity and hurtful remarks? and you claim that you do it because other people do it to your idol too, well all this will never stop if you continue to do this because you are only attracting others to do this as well.

Bottom line: if you don’t have respect for someone and can’t find anything positive to say, why bother say something at all. what purpose is there anyways? all you’ll be doing is cause hate and tension, which is something we don’t need. i’m not sayin this to christina fans, or mariah carey fans…i’m sayin this to everyone, yes Britney fans…everyone here needs to realize this and get their act straight. “fans” here do more hating towards other than supporting of their idol. well, then you arent considered a fan at all, because you aren’t actin like one. and no, defending you’re idol by bashing other rivalries and anti-fans does NOT mean you’re acting as a fan.

instead you’re considered a hater. a hater! such a strong word, sure you want to be labeled that?

another thing, many of you claim this and that. that she did this for publicity. that she did this nice charity for publicity. that he worked with him for publicity. you all think with hate. example: “britney admitted all these things she once denied for publicity” don’t you think that she’s changed, we all change as we grow up. mistakes or no mistakes, she wanted to let everyone know the truth so that lies dont float in the air about her for her entire life. like I said, she isn’t the one creating the publicity…the media is. then you ask, “then why is she saying all this in the first place to being with?” she wanted the truth to be out and let people know that she isn’t a fake for denying so many obvious things. another ex: “Christina is changin her image with the ugly black hair and tryin to be something she isnt…tryin to gain attention and publicity!” Christina openly expressed herself as being sick of people controlling her image. She’s young, let her experience. So what if she wears that, says that or sports a new do. Let her be who she is, if she wants to be something she isnt…is she askin you to be fine with it? no, so be nice and keep your words to yourself. she’s just being her, not something tryin to satisfy the people who watch her. why claim someones actions as a “publicity stunt” or tryin to gain publicity? for some reason, it’s natural….because that’s how a hater thinks.

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