How James Blunt Betrayed Me, By His Ex

Camilla Boler revealed to The Mail on Sunday how she and split up in April this year, but decided to give their relationship another chance just days before the devastating pictures of the singer frolicking in Ibiza with Czech supermodel Petra Nemcova had appeared. “It’s ironic, but I dropped him off so he could catch a flight to Ibiza,” the 24-year-old revealed. “Two days later those pictures appeared. We haven’t spoken since.” Boler added, “Maybe I was wrong to give him so much space, but I couldn’t bear to be yet another person making demands on him. I loved him too much for that. When I went to America last year to stay with James when he was on Saturday Night Live, Petra was in the backstage area and something about her made me worry. Basically, she’s so incredibly hot. They obviously knew each other but James didn’t introduce me. And she didn’t go near him while I was there. Still, I had to ask him who she was. He told me how she’d lost her boyfriend in the tsunami and how she’d suffered terrible injuries. I felt really bad that I’d been suspicious of her and immediately told James I was happy he was her friend.” Read more.

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