How Lopez Lost Vogue Cover

The New York Post reports that while is blaming her former manager Benny Medina for costing her the cover of Vogue, in fact it was Vogue editrix Anna Wintour who decided J.Lo was too low-class. “Jennifer was styled by all of their top stylists. They brought the clothes, did her hair, everything,” said an insider. “She was supposed to be ‘The Millennium Girl’ and it was going to be huge. But then nothing happened. Benny called Anna’s office and she didn’t call him back, because she had decided Jennifer ‘wasn’t Vogue material.’ ” Vogue rep Patrick O’Connell says the scrapped ’99 cover did happen, but things have changed since then. “From the beginning, we always said it was a cover try and that it might not work out,” he said. “As it happened, the sitting didn’t come together and we weren’t able to run the pictures. It was no fault of anyone’s, the pictures just didn’t work.” Meanwhile, it appears Medina and J.Lo are “on the verge of a settlement” in their bitter legal feud after his firing.

Winnipeg Fans Touched By The Stars

July 10, 2003 – The Winnipeg Sun reports ‘Shall We Dance?’ co-stars Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez reached out and literally touched a lucky handful of fans among the dozens outside a downtown dance studio Wednesday afternoon. “She touched my hand. I love her. She looked so perfect even up close. I’m never going to wash my hand again. Gum, spit, it doesn’t matter,” said Melissa Sanderson, 22, who was still shaking from her encounter with J.Lo.

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