How Low Can Jennifer Lopez Go?

Contributed anonymously:

I think we all know about stealing the idea to use the ‘Firecracker’ sample from Mariah Carey’s ‘Loverboy’, to use for ‘I’m Real’. I wonder if anyone has ever noticed that J.Lo’s ‘All I Have’ was ripped of Mariah’s ‘Boy (I Need You)’. Then you got J.Lo’s other song ‘Baby (I Need You)’. Wow, that’s pretty close to ‘Boy (I Need You)’. There’s more Mariah has a song called ‘The One’ on her new album and so does J.Lo. If that wasn’t enough, if you remember before ‘Charmbracelet’ came out, Mariah said she would be redoing ‘Loving You’ by Minnie Ripperton. Well, she didn’t but J.Low has a song called ‘Loving You’ on her new album. Also Mariah worked with Jadkiss on ‘Miss You’ & J.Low worked with him on ‘Jenny From The Block.’ There’s more but that’s enough for now, I think I let you know enough.

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11 thoughts on “How Low Can Jennifer Lopez Go?

  1. glammabella says:

    You’re wrong. Most of the songs J.Lo has copied are not Mariah’s but from the 70s and 80s by black artists. I’ve heard the originals on Chicago’s R and B Hits and Dusties Station and Jazz Station.

  2. lopez_lover says:

    Then you got J.Lo’s other song ‘Baby (I Need You)”. it’s “Baby I Love U” dumbass Mariah lambs are such a MORONS! lol Carey’s career is OVER. Her songs are pathetic, her albums flopped. Oh, I can’t forget about Glitter which was the biggest flop in history!

    Poll: Who’s got bigger boobs ? Mariah or pamel anderson ? lmao Scarey had more plastic surgery than Cher or Michael Jackson

    This proves how dumb is Mariah! lololol “When I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can’t help but cry. I mean, I’d love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff.” – Mariah Carey Ha! Stupid lamb!

  3. Crusader says:

    He/she is not wrong, the simple fact that Mariah was planning on covering these songs is why J-LOW copied off of Mariah. Mariah was going to use the Firecracker sample for Loverboy and through that a-hole Mottola J-HO stole the concept. Even Irv Gotti admitted this. You should read more and look things up before you come on here and comment on things you don’t know about. Everybody knows that J-LO stole material from Mariah. Mariah Forever!!! Crusader!

    You’re obviously living in a fantasy world you stupid idiot. Glitter didn’t do well but it’s not the biggest flop in history you fool! And stop lying to yourself, Mariah is nowhere near over, but I know that’s what you wish, lmao how pathetic. Mariah Forever!

  4. hellahooked says:

    She can go very low. Jennifer is nothing original. She only uses rappers with more fame than her in the music business to sell her crap and to get numbers 1. She can’t sing, it’s a surprise how she’s been hear for awhile. She use to be a back up dancer and was crap. She copied Mariah and many other artists music. Like the song with Nas – copied Jessica Simpson’s music.

  5. kiki says:

    You don’t have toe tell me that. I already know. It just to show that Jennifer Lopez is not only talented but she is not original.

  6. Tig says:

    Ya know, I don’t think the Bitch J Ho really did that on purpose y’all. I think Tommy “HIT MAN” Mottola did that, Irv from Murder Inc..said the “HO”, went in there and recorded her vocals, he put Ja Rules Stamp on there and they mixed the song wit the track Tommy Had given them, so trust that, I don’t think Jennifer Lopez knew that she was being played. Tommy is a mafia pimp, like that, is easy for him to do. Jennifer just wanted a hit record, and I don’t think she’s that smart to play herself like that….she just got sued by Debra Laws for stealing her music and hook for “All I Have”. She’s made about 4 cents off that CD.

  7. maxthesteamwhistle says:

    I read an article that said Mariah Carey is going in the Guinness Book of records for singing the worlds highest note at G#7. and that she has a 7 octave voice, but they made a bad mistake because I hold the record for the highest note ever sang at E8. Guinness accepted me to hold an event to set the record because when I applied in March 2003 there was no record for it. I also have the worlds first singing wolf and he is the first wolf to perform singing at a music festival in Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia, Canada ( there is a picture of me and the singing wolf there in the links for other artists. I have samples of my high notes or pictures of the singing wolf. I am 13 and have been singing since I was 2, and my range is D2 to E8. So I don’t know how Mariah got in the book if no record existed last March?

  8. StayGoneBeautiful says:

    Glitter was not the biggest flop in history, and evidentiary support shows that Mariah’s career is not over. Dumbass.

  9. StayGoneBeautiful says:

    Whoever “anonymous” is needs to get his/her facts straight. Mariah NEVER intended to cover “Loving You”. She addressed some fans on her official site. They’d been sending her letters asking if she’d cover it on the then-upcoming “Charmbracelet”. She said she already had a song she wanted to cover, Def Leppard’s “Bringin’ On The Heartbreak”. As for J.Ho’s “Baby(I Need You), your allegation is pure crap. Jennifer covered Aretha Franklin’s “Baby I Love You” on her new album, rather pathetically I might add. Both her and Mariah’s singles flopped, proving that Jennifer is nothing without a rapper and some title beats. Jennifer has matched the number of flops Mariah has had (3). At least Mariah can stand on her own. Quit talking about Mariah and Jennifer together. Mariah isn’t the only artist J.Ho has stolen from. Cheyenne, Christina Milian, P.Diddy, Ashanti, and a whole host of lesser-knowns and producers have all been victimized by J.Ho. She’s being sued by Paramount and the woman who inspired the “Flashdance” movie for plagiarism. Too bad “I’m Glad” flopped. The lawsuits may have been worth the grief they’re causing.

  10. PiscesBabe says:

    Ok, so J.Lo is a no-talent thieving hack who mooches off rappers and black artists to make the crap she calls music. So what else is new? So she ripped off Mariah. So what? She’s done it before, and now people are suing her left and right for copyright infringement and misuse of intellectual property. Paybacks are a bitch.

  11. JLOVER101 says:

    First of all, Jennifer’s album came out before Mariah’s and her album sold more copies in it’s first week than Mariah’s album and Whitney’s album. Yes, it didn’t debut at number 1 but the number of copies sold was greater. Secondly, her album remained in the top 10 for a very long time, unlike Mariah who within 3 weeks was down to like 19 and within 6 was down to 35. I’m not saying Jennifer has a power house voice, but talent she does have. And as for all those of you talking out your asses back your stuff up, how has Chayanne been victimized by Jennifer, please do tell, because he was just on a Mexican TV show the other day, and said he appreciated her having put him on her album. And stop with the hatred, not everyone has to like Britney or X-tina or Mariah, or Jennifer they all have their own fanbase, and some of them even share some fans (gasp) yeah I happen to like them all, except for Britney, her time is up.

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