How Nelly Furtado Stays In Shape Post Nevis

Us Weekly caught up with for a quick Q&A and asked the singer how she stays in such great shape. “After I finished nursing – I breast-fed Nevis until she was almost 2 – I started hitting the weights,” she said. “I try not to eat carbs after four o’clock. Sometimes I’ll take my daughter for a stroll. Then I’ll try and sprint. I usually get exercise by pushing the red wagon through the park for 20 minutes!” The singer added that she’d like to have “two or three more kids” and that “motherhood comes very naturally to me.”

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One thought on “How Nelly Furtado Stays In Shape Post Nevis

  1. Marina Casilla says:

    Nelly furtado I think you are a amazing artist
    and singer. I have admired you through the years.
    But I like your image better before, can you please
    change your hair color back to black, I think you are
    a beautiful person inside and out.

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