How Sad Has Christina Aguilera Gotten?

As an admitted fan of both Britney Spears and (more so of Britney) I have to say that for the past 6 months I have been so disappointed by Christina. Christina obviously can’t stand the fact that everything Britney does gets more attention than what she does, even if they do the same thing.

The past few magazine interviews Christina has done she’s slammed Britney just to get attention. Of course she never does it on air or on live television, because if she did that then she couldn’t hide behind her infamous excuse of being misquoted or that the interviewer took things out of context. That’s always what she says when things backfire.

Then she goes on ‘TRL’ and on ‘Ellen’ and tries to come off as the sweet girl next door. The classy, sophisticated Christina who’s grown up so much. Whatever! It was just months ago that Christina was dressed as a nun at the EMAs, ripped off her nun’s habit and had her ass hanging out in leather chaps. How sophisticated!

Then she says she wrote a letter to Britney apologizing to her and asking her if they could be friends. Of course, she wasn’t doing this when she had an album to promote. Then it was okay for her to go after everyone and not make any apologies for her obviously jealous and insecure preteen behavior.

And now that Britney is touring again, once again Christina just can’t stand all the attention Britney’s getting (whether or not it be positive or negative). Britney does a number in her bra and panties. Christina did basically the same thing in her ‘Lady Marmalade’ outfit.

However, nobody cares about Christina. Christina could be naked and Britney would get more attention for being in a bikini. Christina is the one who wore leather chaps and had her bare ass hanging out and no one even cared. Now Christina is trying her best to throw together some lame retro excuse for a tour, because she sees that Britney and Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles all have very successful albums to promote.

She can’t stand not being in the spotlight. She tries so hard to come across as real, but it seems every other week she’s doing some sad stunt to show her true colors. The fact of the matter is every time Christina does another tour or bad mouths someone else or signs on to promote another product, it just proves how insecure she is.

Ever since ‘Stripped’ came out in 2002 she has yet to step out of the spotlight because she realizes once she does she won’t be able to step back in it. Deep down she, like the rest of the world, knows exactly how forgettable she is. Want a good vocalist? Listen to Beyonce or Kelly Clarkson. Want a good performer? Watch Britney or Jennifer Lopez.

There’s absolutely zero need for Christina in the music industry.

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