Howard Stern Almost Gets Britney Spears In-Studio

Howard Stern said on his show Thursday morning that the show’s producer Gary Dell’Abate almost got to come in today since she’s on a promotional tour for her new album ‘In The Zone’. Howard said they had her on the phone one time and it would have been a good time. He said one of her people must have thought better of it and stopped it from happening.

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3 thoughts on “Howard Stern Almost Gets Britney Spears In-Studio

  1. Jaggie says:

    That would be so hilarious! he would definitely ask her blatant questions about her sex life and she wouldn’t know what to do!

  2. jimmypee says:

    aw poor Britney is scared. she only does interviews when she knows the interviewers are forced to kiss her ass. when they don’t she either refuses to do the interview, or walks out in the middle of it. such an immature little child.

  3. amielynn says:

    jimmy I’m new in here but I can say I really don’t like you. You only talk crap. Oh I get it your one of those Christina ass kissers.

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