Howard Stern Goofs On Mariah… Again

Howard Stern again goofed on Mariah Carey, this time replaying her RMA acceptance speech from last weekend. Howard talked about how he really is on Mariah’s side even though she hates him. Howard would like to have Mariah on the show but Gary said he’s afraid to phone her publicist.

Howard shared the story that early on, he felt was actually attracted to him and that during a Video Music Award show several years back she sang ‘Hero’ and told him afterwards she was singing to him, as he was in the front row of the show.

Howard said that one day he was making fun of Mariah’s weight on the show and that Mariah phoned in from Europe to ask him why he did it. Howard took it as an opportunity to say he was maybe trying to get the pretty girl’s attention like a schoolboy would by making fun of her, but Mariah didn’t want any part of where Howard was going with that conversation.

As for now, Howard thinks Mariah has gained enough wait and is crazy enough that maybe he could bang her and that he’d love having sex with a crazy woman.

Somehow I don’t expect Mariah to show up on Howard’s show anytime soon.

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