Howard Stern Predicts Dire Future For Nick And Jessica

Howard Stern weighed in on the debut of ‘Newlyweds’ during his show this morning and asked “Who is exactly?” He said he’s seen pictures of her all over the place and he’s not sure who she is. Co-host Robin Quivers said she’s like a modern-day Leif Garrett in the way she’s just everywhere but you don’t know why. Howard brought her up yesterday and talked about a scene in her new reality TV show where she doesn’t know if she’s eating tuna or chicken because it says Chicken of the Sea on the package. Howard then played a clip where Jessica is talking about it with her husband Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees. Howard predicted that if that’s the way they live, there’s no way the marriage is going to last. He said Nick won’t want her raising his kids if she’s that dumb. He concluded that when Jessica’s looks fade, Nick will probably be out of there.

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7 thoughts on “Howard Stern Predicts Dire Future For Nick And Jessica

  1. Dancer4Life says:

    Howard is very right. I don’t think this marriage will last. Jessica seems a bit dumb to be with Nick. Like he always look at her like she’s dumb or something. Also she’s very junky. It’s sad to see a female not know how to clean her own house.

  2. Britneyforever says:

    there marriage will last there in love so bad.shes hot he’s hot what else do you need?

  3. WaneJessicaSoSoDef says:

    You’d call that chunky, The only ‘big’ part on her is her chest…You wanna see chunky look to Christina Aguilera, Jessica has got it all along with Britney!

  4. rachel says:

    she said junky, as in dirty not chunky.

  5. FireorIce says:

    It sad to be that shallow, looks fade hun. There is more to a marriage then looks. But I do hope it works out for them.

  6. PandaBear2003 says:

    What planet are you living on to think they are in love? She had to ask him to kiss her for crying out loud. Happily married newlyweds don’t have to beg to be kissed, and happily married newlyweds are lovey dovey on camera, Nick can’t stand her! Sorry honey, looks don’t sustain a marriage. Stupidity and not knowing how to care for yourself when you are 23 years old, destroys a marriage.

  7. sddirrtyblond says:

    this article is about your stupid girl Jessica not Christina who you just have to hate on cause your a loser. you probably like Jessica cause your dumb just like her (junky not chunky retard)

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