Howie And Kevin Speak To Fans

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JB_huntress from the forum at attended and Howie Dorough’s press conference in Huntsville, Alabama regarding their interests in building a hotel and entertainment complex there. She says that the guys answered fans’ questions and then took on questions from the press. Kevin said that just he and Howie are involved in this project, but the other guys in the group might join in later once it’s further developed. The project should be fully developed within two years. In regards to BSB, Howie said they are just on an extended hiatus but will be around as long as the Eagles and Aerosmith; so there is no need to even talk about breaking up. Kevin said he’s doing more acting, and Howie talked about his upcoming solo CD due out later this year (which got cheers from the crowd). They also talked with fans about Brian Littrell’s newborn Baylee.

i got there about 3:30 and there were probably about 30 fans there already. i got a seat on 3rd row kinda towards the center. about 4:50 they put Chapter 1 on and had it blaring and several of the fans were kinda singing along. guys finally showed up about 5:10 and were introduced by Rick Baker. Kev was in a suit and Howie was in a tshirt and jeans. Kev talked first about what the plans are and that nothing has been finalized yet but that they are very hopeful that something can get kicked off soon. Hoping to have the hotel and entertainment complex finished in 2 years. then they took questions. first one was from a chick who wanted to know if it was just them doing this thing or were some of the others involved. just them but that when it’s done that the other guys might swing thru. kev said he’d been here visiting on different occasions about 6 or 7 times in the last 2 years.

someone asked if the guys were gonna record a new record anytime soon. howie took that one and said that they were just taking an extended down time. mentioned bri’s new baby. said he and kev were taking acting classes and that kev was gonna take a turn in his acting career soon. not sure what that means cause they didn’t elaborate. someone brought up chicago and he said it was a dream come true for him. howie brought up his solo cd and there were some cheers for it.

rest of the questions were about what type of stuff would be in the entertainment complex. they mentioned some sort of bar/club with live music and someone asked if they’d perform there and they said probably. they’re also gonna try to have a place that’s a bowling alley/pool hall type thing. some restaurants.

they talked for maybe 20-25 minutes and then they moved them down to one of the vacant stores where they were meeting with media and some other folks. they SAID initially that we all would get in and get autographs and could talk to them for a minute but after the guys got there they came back and said they had to go catch a flight and we wouldn’t get in. so i stood and watched them for a bit but then decided to go on since there was still a good crowd and no real way to get close to ’em.

they didn’t elaborate on the extending down time comment much. Just that they wanted to grow individually. Wanted to stay around like the Eagles and Aerosmith. So I got the impression that they DO want to get together eventually just not in the near future.

AND… one of the fans on the front row asked Howie if she could get a hug and she got it! awww

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